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Watch the Chiefs games from the field, run around with a flag and get paid

The Kansas City Chiefs are hiring "Flag Warriors", who run the flags from end zone to end zone after every Chiefs score during home games.

Doug Pensinger Getty Images Sport

Note by Joel: This post is from last year. But it's the same thing.

You know how see some jobs that look really cool and you think to yourself, "Man, how do I get a job like that?" How do I become the person behind KC Wolf? Could I be an executive assistant to the Chiefs GM? Or how about security guards who get to follow the team around everywhere? I used to say that before I did get that job -- blogging about the Chiefs in my sweatpants all day -- but there is an opening for one of those "How do I get that job?" type of job.

Back to the point of this: The Chiefs say they're hiring "Flag Warriors", folks who run 12' X 16' flags from end zone to end zone after every Chiefs score.

Let's ignore the obvious jokes about the Chiefs not scoring. Soo if you did this job in 2012, you're probably in terrible shape because you just stood around the whole game. Hey-o!

Here is the post on the Chiefs website advertising the position(s). Tryouts are on Friday June 27 at 7 p.m. (Arrowhead Time).

One of you HAS to do this and you HAVE to do a Q&A with us on your experience. Deal?

Pro tip: Your chances of getting the job would be MUCH better if you showed up dressed up like this young man. How can the Chiefs deny someone painted in red?

Andy LyonsGetty Images Sport

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