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What will be a successful 2013 season for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Before we get start debating the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 win total, we need to determine what we will consider a successful season.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Different outlets have different numbers but the over/under on the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 win total appears to be 6.5 games at several places. We're fans so we're always more optimistic than that but that seems fair to me. Seven wins would be a five-game improvement, which isn't insignificant.

But that's what the oddsmakers expect.

How many wins do KC Chiefs fans need to see for the season to be considered successful?

I need to know what you will consider a successful season for the Chiefs. Is it just an improvement over last year's (pitiful) two-win season? At least six wins? Seven? Eight? More?

This is not what you are predicting for the Chiefs. It's the minimum wins you need to see to say, 'That was a successful season.' I know many of you will say that a Super Bowl is the only successful season, and you're right, but try to keep this to regular season wins.

Please vote in our poll below and let us know: What will be a successful 2013 season for the Chiefs?

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