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Third shift open thread

Use this as tonight's open thread to talk about whatever you want.


Greetings everyone.

I just spent the last hour re-reading the comments from our request for your best stories of meeting a Chief. You can read it on the original post and Facebook (hey, like us on Facebook).

Here are two funny Trent Green stories:

One time I met Trent Green in a restroom...his kids were going to the bathroom and I was waiting for my friends...he said that it was kinda weird to shake someone's hand in the restroom, and I agreed but didn't care!


I was at Town Center AMC 20 movie theater in Leawood with one of my friends when we were 15 or 16. (Too young to get into an R movie, but had somehow gotten tickets to an R movie.) So we asked the first older guy we walked past, "Would you walk in with us and pose as our dad, so we can get in?" His response, "I'm sorry guys, but I think they would recognize me." So we walked off, confused as to what he meant by that. Suddenly, we realized we had asked Trent Green to pose as our dad, so we ran off down the hall to find him and talk to him.

What's everyone up to tonight?

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