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Buy this game-used Joe Montana jersey for ONLY $35,000

If you wanted to spend as much money as possible on a Chiefs wardrobe, this is it.

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They say that clothes make the man. But what about the fan? Whether it's the half-nude 300-pound man with face paint applied all over his body or an entire stadium donning the same colors, I say that clothes (or lack thereof) can make the fan as well.

In our efforts to be a well-rounded resource for Chiefs fans, here's our attempt to outfit you, suite owner, in the most expensive (read: garish) way possible:

Vintage Chiefs AFL Shirt
: $656
Swag Factor: Mack Lee Hill likely wore this to Curt's Famous Meats. Stains are still present.

This baby even comes with a free penny? Not sure what that photo is about, but if you're a size 50 and prepared to never launder your clothes, we've found the best way to cover your torso if you feel you must wear a shirt to games. Also this shirt was apparently once valued near $1K.

Joe Montana Game-Used Jersey
: Your first born
Swag: Joe Montana himself couldn't buy this jersey.

If you want to wear something that costs the same as a home in Coffeyville, then this Montana game-worn jersey is just for you. While we've already listed one shirt, you could easily wear one over the other. It even comes with a "Cheifs 35th anniversary patch" and an "NFL shiled".

Nike Air Trainer SC
: $300
Swag Factor: Goes well with Zubaz.

Apparently Nike made a Chiefs limited edition of their Air Trainer SC back in 2012, and the price has jumped from the original retail of $110. They're size 10.5, but let's be honest, you can squeeze into them for a few uncomfortable hours if it means you complete the outfit.

Super Bowl Pendant Ring
: $2,300
Swag Factor: One man's tax problems...

Who needs a Super Bowl ring when you can turn it into a woman's ring?!

Chiefs Exotic Feathers Cowboy Hat
Price: $89
Swag Factor: Peacock AND Ostrich Feathers!

I'll let "Jenette" speak for herself: "Girls, It's time to get your Frou Frou On And Be The Envy Of All Your Friends!!!!"

Chiefs Infant Skidders Gripper Socks
Price: $19.95
Swag Factor: Proof the NFL will license anything.

When you need to dress your baby like he's starting on offense for the Chiefs-Seahawks game in '98...

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