Bears trade Gabe Carimi to Bucs for a 6th round pick

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Funny that on the same day that AP posts a story about how Jon Baldwin's practices have been "excellent", according to GM John Dorsey, SB Nation's Bears blog, Windy City Gridiron, reports that Gabe Carimi has been traded to Tampa Bay for a measly 6th round pick.

Why does it matter? Let me take you back to draft day 2011.

Pre-draft everyone one had o-linemen going to the Chiefs in the first (Walter, Kiper, Mayock) with Carimi and Nate Solder being the most common prospects mocked to the Chiefs. When draft day came and 20 picks had passed the Chiefs were on the clock with only two first round grade OTs on the board (Carimi and Anthony Castonzo). ESPN goes to commercial and returns with news that the Chiefs had traded down to No. 27.

At pick 26 a trade between the Bears and Ravens falls through and the Ravens end up running out of time to make their pick, the Chiefs quickly send in their own pick whom everyone thinks for sure is Carimi. As we all know the Chiefs ended up with Jon Baldwin while the Bears picked Carimi three picks later.

After the first day of the draft , then Bears GM Jerry Angelo states that the botched trade was to get in front of Kansas City to draft Carimi. So in the end the only loser in this is the Ravens who end up trading down a spot for nothing and apparently the Chiefs who according to most media outlets missed out on a great prospect in exchange for a prospect many thought was a second rounder.

According to the community over on Windy City Gridiron, Carimi's being traded is supposedly a combination of things:

Injury: In his rookie season Carimi sustained a knee injury that never quite got better

Lack of production: A lot of comments link this and the injury to each other.

Unwillingness to participate in OTA's: It is voluntary but when you have a new coaching staff working under a GM that didn't draft you skipping OTA's is probably a bad idea. The reasons for his skipping OTA's seem to be split among Bears fans.

  • One school of thought believes he skipped OTA's to rehab his knee. I have a hard time believing this because of guys like Tony Moeaki, who come out just to learn the system without doing the physical stuff because of injury.
  • Another school of thought says he skipped OTA's as a protest to the new coaching staff wanting to move him to guard. This seems a bit more likely, however this kid has got to have more of an issue with the coaching staff than this. He's got his head in the clouds if he thinks he can continue to be an OT after the dreadful seasons he has turned in playing there.
  • Finally, another school of thought believes it was a combination of the two. Maybe Carimi just had no interest in playing in a scheme he knew wouldn't fit his abilities. Perhaps he knew the writing was on the wall and decided to give the Front Office the nudge it needed to just "get it over with."

This is not to say that the Chiefs made a better pick, you could easily copy and paste Baldwins name on to that list of problems if you left out the whole OTA's thing. But at the end of the day our guy is still on our team.

So why did I take the time to dig up old articles and write this story only loosely related to the Chiefs? Because it's the off season dammit!

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