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The Chicago Bears take another Kansas City Chief

The Chiefs and Bears have had a lot of connections in the past few months.

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears have exchanged players and front office members lately. That's to be expected given that Phil Emery, the Bears GM, comes most recently from Kansas City. Take a look at the exchange of folks between Chicago and Kansas City this offseason:

The Chiefs hired:

  • Long-time Bears special teams coach Dave Toub
  • Assistant special teams coach Kevin O'Dea
  • Director of player personnel Chris Ballard

The Bears hired:

  • Former Chiefs tight end Steve Maneri
  • Former Chiefs scout Ryan Kessenich
I'm sure I'm forgetting more. Now for the latest one...

The Bears will be agreeing to a 10-year contract to allow Aramark to run their concessions at Soldier Field. And who do you think they're going to hire to manage that relationship?

Brad Pernaw, who currently runs the Chiefs' concessions on Aramark's behalf, will move to Chicago to hold the same job for the Bears. He previously worked in food service with the Kansas City Royals and Boston Red Sox, among other pro franchises.

Hands off, damn Bears!!!

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