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Dunta Robinson says the KC Chiefs don't act like a 2-14 team

New Chief Dunta Robinson, who was not in Kansas City last year, says this team doesn't act like they're coming off a 2-14 season.


In his first year as GM, Scott Pioli was taking over a KC Chiefs team that had just finished with a 2-14 record the year before. It was alleged that one of the sayings around the Chiefs offices in those days was "That's so 2-14!", seemingly poking fun at the previous regime.

Four years later, we're in the same spot, coming off a 2-14 record, with a new GM. But John Dorsey and Co. are not adopting the "That's so 2-14!" attitude.

New Chief Dunta Robinson was asked in an interview with 610 Sports if the 2-14 record is ever brought up anymore.

"Not at all," Chiefs defensive back Dunta Robinson said on 610 Sports when asked if there was any 2-14 talk in Kansas City. "I haven't heard it at all."

Robinson said he doesn't get the feeling that the Chiefs are a 2-14 team.

"There's no doubt in my mind by watching the guys that were on this team and the new pieces and the attitude that Andy is bringing to the locker room this is going to be a way different year than this past season," Robinson continued. "These guys are working with a lot of confidence and we can believe we can beat anyone you put in front of us and that's the attitude you have to have."

It helps that everything is new. New coach. New GM. New quarterback and defensive backs. Let's just hope the Chiefs fare better than the last time they were coming off a 2-14 season.

Of course, I would venture to guess there's not a single player in the NFL who believes right now -- in early May -- that he's on a 2-14 team.

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