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What will be a successful season for Kansas City Chiefs' Eric Fisher?

How will you determine whether KC Chiefs No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher has a successful first season?


The Kansas City Chiefs have drafted an offensive tackle No. 1 overall. There are no widely used stats that tell us how a single offensive lineman is playing. There are some stats that help paint the picture -- sacks allowed, rushing stats and others -- but nothing like a passer rating for quarterbacks or a yards per carry for running backs that encapsulate so much of when a player is doing well.

So how will you define success for Eric Fisher in year one? A few items from me below...

Be a starter: Whether it's right or left tackle might be out of Fisher's control. That will depend on Branden Albert. But he should be a starter from Week 1 on.

Injury free: No major injuries. Players are going to get banged up now and again but Fisher can't have a multi-game injury that affects his play.

Protect Alex Smith: Well, duh. This is the obvious one. What measurement should we use to decide how successful Fisher is in that regard? Smith should avoid the bottom third in sacks. Obviously, this one won't all be on Fisher.

Any others we need to track?

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