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Kansas City Chiefs' Sanders Commings among best value picks

The KC Chiefs welcomed in eight new players after the 2013 NFL Draft. Which one of the Chiefs late round picks was considered among the best values in the NFL?

Sam Greenwood

Much of the attention surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 NFL Draft class has been spent on the first round pick, Eric Fisher. And rightfully so. He's going to be a critical part of the KC Chiefs success in the coming seasons. Third round picks Travis Kelce and Knile Davis are believed to be future contributors as is fourth round pick Nico Johnson.

After that, it's a bit of a crapshoot on which players work out. But NFL Network's Charlie Casserly, who released his list of the best value picks in the 2013 NFL Draft, thinks Chiefs fifth round pick Sanders Commings, cornerback out of Georgia, could be a solid value in the fifth round. Casserly had Commings as a second or third round based on ability alone. He said the Chiefs should start him off at cornerback and move him to safety if that doesn't work.

As a cornerback at Georgia, he was a physical guy who pressed well, and I liked his instincts in zone defense, too. He was not very consistent in his off-man coverage, but did look more athletic in man-to-man drills at the combine. His growth in this area will determine whether he stays at cornerback in the NFL or moves to safety.

This is nice to hear. The Chiefs made a sizable investment in their secondary this offseason with the additions of Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson. With Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry already in-house, the Chiefs secondary looks solid (on paper) for the 2013 season.

Beyond 2013, however, is when Commings could come into play. You're hoping for the best at that draft slot. Kendrick Lewis, a multi-year starter for the Chiefs, is a good example of when a fifth round pick works out. He's not a superstar by any means but he's a solid role player, which you'll take every time with a fifth round pick.

Besides the Chiefs, what were the best "value" picks out there?

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