Ranger Reaction: Justin Houston No. 49 on the NFL Top 100


Houston, the NFL has a problem. A big problem.

So I check my massive twitter feed and I see that a Chiefs player made it into the Top 50 of the NFL Top 100. I was thinking Tamba Hali or Jamaal Charles (that would be a little too low but the Chiefs get no respect) as those are the only two players other than Eric Berry that I would have thought to be on the list after DJ, Brandon Flowers and Dwayne Bowe were named.

Well it wasn't Berry or JC or the Tambahawk. It was Justin Houston. Listed at #49, I can not believe it. I know as how good he is as a Chiefs fan but I didn't think the NFL did. He was voted as an alternate to the Pro Bowl (although I think he should have been a starter over Tamba) and ranks ahead of the undisputed leader of the defense Derrick Johnson (who should have been higher btw).

Justin Houston broke out in 2012 after a fabulous last 5 games in 2011 where he amassed 5.5 sacks. He finished with 10 sacks and an Interception in 2012 and, as stated earlier, voted as an alternate in the Pro Bowl. He was able to play because Von Miller sat out with and injury.

How do I feel about this?

Well for one it got rid of my writers block so I am happier than a pig in mud. Truthfully, I don't know how to feel. I mean he deserves to be on the list but he is too high. I would switch him with Derrick Johnson, for now. He is good but DJ was the best player on the defense even if he doesn't have the sacks and INT's to back it up. Without DJ, the defense really doesn't function as we have seen a few times. Justin is damn good and my favorite player but DJ is better and means more to the defense than Houston does.

Now all for we know, Tamba could be on this list and I would agree with the placement. Tamba is a proven player that offenses must always plan for. We just don't know if Justin can keep up what he did in 2012. I think he can as improvements on offense will help out the pass rushing.

As usual, the NFL FO guys and players know more about this game than we do. You never know what is going to happen even on these lists.

Regardless how I feel, it is nice to see that the Chiefs are beginning to get a little respect around the league, despite being the worse team in the NFL.

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