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Kansas City Chiefs OTAs: Bowe sits, Flowers and Albert out sick

The Chiefs were back at practice again on Wednesday and a number of veteran players had to sit due to illness and injury.


Dwayne Bowe injured

Lots of teams taking it easy during OTAs with veteran injuries like this. Nothing to get concerned about and it does give the younger guys a chance to get some reps.

DMC remains out

Dexter McCluster remains out with a hamstring injury. The Chiefs have been clear that they want to get DMC into the offense, but lingering injuries like these are frustrating on all sides. The versatile weapon will hopefully be okay for June minicamp.

Brandon(en)s are sick

Lots of shifting around when a team loses its top corner and left tackle to illness. Obviously no long-term worries but others had to step in and step up.

This means Donald Stephenson gets some good reps on the first team and the veteran additions man the starting spots in the secondary. While Flowers' illness is nothing that should carry over into the regular season, it's nice to know the sort of depth the Chiefs have in the secondary at this point.

Alex Smith impressive

Andy Reid and John Dorsey bet the house on Alex Smith this offseason, so this is the sort of feedback you like to hear in OTAs. It's early and lots of guys get praised this time of year who will fail to impress later on. But Smith is doing all the right things early for the Chiefs.

Bray over Stanzi?

The Chiefs haven't ever figured out what they have in Ricky Stanzi, whether it was the Scott Pioli regime or the John Dorsey-Andy Reid combo. Still it seems that no one is quite enamored enough to let him take the field. For this year's Chiefs, it looks like the undrafted Tyler Bray has a solid chance to make the depth chart.

Knile speaks

Gotta love a confident rookie and someone who can easily forget his mistakes to move toward a brighter future. Then again, fans just hope he does his talking on the field.

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