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Royals' Ned Yost stopped by the KC Chiefs security staff watching practice

Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost is NOT allowed to watch KC Chiefs practice.


Given what happened in the parking lot of the KC Chiefs facility last December, I don't like to make jokes about the Kansas City Chiefs security staff. But this one is too good to pass up.

The Chiefs share a facility with the Kansas City Royals, who are managed by Ned Yost. And Yost likes to run. If you're a busy man managing a baseball team, you probably just run around the team's facility since you're always there. That's what Yost did this week and all was well until he dared to sneak a peek of the neighbors practice. Via

"I ran today and almost got arrested for a taking a peek at the Chiefs doing their minicamp. They surrounded me with their security," Yost said good-naturedly. "I'm not going to sell any secrets."

Excuse me while I LOLOLOLOL.

This sounds a lot like what happened a couple of years ago, minus the whole Royals manager part. In Kent Babb's Arrowhead Anxiety column, he wrote:

This past November, a security guard noticed a sedan stopped on Lancer Lane, a public road that runs adjacent to the Chiefs' practice fields, as the team's morning session was beginning. The driver took a photograph on his cell phone, and the guard ran toward him, standing there until the man deleted the picture. As the guard returned to his post, he told a Star reporter that, if the man hadn't erased the photo, the guard would've confiscated the phone.

Yost was probably looking for coaching tips from Andy Reid. As everyone in KC knows, head coaches are incredibly popular here ... until, you know, they start playing the games. Then things tend to go down hill.

"Hey, I just wanted to see what was going on," Yost told the security guards. "They said, 'Well, you can't be here, it's closed.'"

Yost identified himself, and the crisis passed.

"The guy said, 'Oh, hi Ned, how's it going?'"

The Royals started off well enough, which got fans excited. But I had to remind my pals that this is Kansas City, the place where your sports dreams go to die. Losing 17 of 21 games reminds me a lot more of my lifetime growing up with the Royals then them actually winning games does.

By the way, I attended my first Royals game of the offseason last weekend. One thing I can congratulate the Royals on is those funnel cake fries. Not funnel cake AND fries ... funnel cake fries. I have seen the light.

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