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Kansas City Chiefs May 2013 approval poll: John Dorsey

It's that time of the month, but in a good way.

Do you approve of the job John Dorsey is doing as the Kansas City Chiefs GM? Whether that's yes or no, please vote in our monthly approval poll.

Dorsey came in with an 89 perent last month which lines up with the 92 percent and 88 percent he's received previously. Since we last did one of these polls the NFL Draft has come and gone, so you're essentially grading him on the selection of these eight players:

1 (1): OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan
3 (63) TE Travis Kelce, Cincinnati
3 (96) RB Knile Davis, Arkansas
4 (99) LB Nico Johnson, Alabama
5 (134) CB Sanders Commings, Georgia
6 (170) C Eric Kush, California (PA)
6 (204) FB Braden Wilson, Kansas State
7 (207) DE Mike Catapano, Princeton

Vote in the poll and let us know: Do you approve?

Previous month's results:

April 2013: 89%

March 2013: 92%

January 2013: 88%

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