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Will KC Chiefs offense or defense be more important to success in 2013?

We have a super important poll question for you!


Chris is in town for Memorial Day weekend and we're headed out to the Royals game today with a bunch of friends. I haven't been to Kauffman Stadium yet this year so it should be fun -- assuming the weather is decent. I don't need this 90-degree, sun on you all day long weather.

While we are gone, I have a question for you. It's a simple one, really. The age-old offense vs. defense debate.

Will the KC Chiefs success in 2013 be due more to the offense or the defense?

Not an easy question. There are no right answers (despite what some commenters will tell you!).

We'll be checking in from the Royals game today. I need to think about this one.

Any special teams votes can be write-in votes.

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