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Chiefs' Andy Reid is 3rd highest paid coach in the US, according to a list someone made up

Ah, Forbes. You're back again with your highest paid coaches list.


Forbes' thing is that they tell you which franchises are the most valuable, which athletes are the highest paid in the United States or the world and other lists that people like to click on.

Today they come out with one that has KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid as the third highest paid coach in American sports. Third highest. Impressive, no?

Except ... Forbes doesn't even know how much Reid makes. They even admit that they don't know.

Official terms of Reid's new five-year contract were never announced, but we estimate the head coach will make at least $7.5 million annually leading the Chiefs.

An estimate based on what? You're telling me Bob LaMonte's giving that exclusive of Reid's contract to Forbes? C'mon.

Look, I'm sure Clark Hunt doesn't mind having Reid placed third on this list. It creates the appearance he's willing to spend the money necessary to get a top tier coach. The problem is that we have no idea how much Reid makes.

We do know, however, that Reid edges me out among highest paid Kansas Citians (hey, I never said by how much he edged me out!).

By the way, the top two on the list: Sean Payton and Bill Belichick. And, no, they still don't know how much Belichick makes either.

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