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Kids born in the year of the Chiefs last playoff win are now adults

Oh my.

We have a new entry in the "The last time the Chiefs won a playoff game ..." conversations:

To reiterate: some people entering the workforce were not alive the last time the Chiefs won a playoff game.

To celebrate this, please watch the KC Chiefs last playoff victory -- January 16, 1994 against the Houston Oilers.

Some images from that game:

Joe and Carl








Since the Chiefs last playoff win I have:

  • Lived in five different places
  • Went to high school and college
  • Met my wife
  • Bought a house (or, more accurately, went into debt for 30 years)
  • Adopted two dogs (Callie and Sheldon)

What about you?

(H/T @Z12superfly for pointing this video out to that damn @Mellinger)

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