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NFL offseason schedule changes could move NFL Draft back to May

The NFL and NFLPA are reportedly nearing an agreement that would re-arrange the NFL's offseason schedule with, most notably, the NFL Draft getting pushed back into May.

Jason Miller

There's this from ESPN's Adam Schefter:

This has been discussed before. It's an idea that's been thrown around so it's not coming totally out of left field. I just didn't think it could be happening so soon.

Questions I have:

So, free agency would be in February? The new league year also marks the start of free agency. It's usually in the first or second week of March. Moving it ahead of the Combine, which begins in late February, means free agency would take place sometime in February. I guess you'd have the Super Bowl ending in the first week of February and then free agency in the second or third week. I'm not sure that I like the idea of the first couple weeks of free agency getting interrupted by the Combine. Free agency is more important and more entertaining than the Combine.

The Draft would be pushed back a few weeks? The Draft is held in the last week of April. Moving it into May is really just moving it a couple of weeks. Because nothing truly meaningful happens between the draft and training camp (besides OTAs) I don't have much of a problem with moving the draft to May.

As one of my SB Nation colleagues pointed out today, it would eliminate some of the dead time in May, which isn't so bad. I'm not really opposed to this schedule. Then again, I'm a blogger looking for things to post every day. As someone else pointed out, it also means coaches would get less time with the draft picks before the start of the season. What do you think about this idea?

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