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Remember that time Andy Reid's Eagles started the game with an onside kick against the Chiefs

You can tell it's the offseason when we're recalling games from 12 years ago.

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Twitter user @816MikeB wrote this today:

I did not remember that game. Still don't. But I did look it up and, indeed, Andy Reid and the Eagles once started a game with an onside kick against the Chiefs. The game came back in 2001, a season in which the Chiefs finished 6-10. Disappointing year, the first year one of the Dick Vermeil era.

The Eagles-Chiefs game was at Arrowhead on November 29, 2001. Kicker David Akers began the game with an onside kick, which the Eagles recovered.The AP report after the game reads:

Dameane Douglas recovered on the Philadelphia 40, and Akers' 24-yard field goal made the Eagles the first opponent in seven games to score against Kansas City in the first quarter.

"It was something we wanted to do to set the tempo of the game," Philadelphia coach Andy Reid said. "From a coaching standpoint, it sent a message to our players that we're going to go after it in a tough place to play."

Said Kansas City linebacker Donnie Edwards, "They caught us completely off guard."

Reminds me of the Chiefs 2010 game against the Colts. Todd Haley, too, started the game with an onside kick. Unfortunately, a penalty gave the ball to the Colts.

In both situations, the team who recovered it ended up picking up a field goal.

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