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Kansas City Chiefs will release fullback Patrick DiMarco

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After drafting and trading for a fullback, the Chiefs will now cut a fullback.


After the Kansas City Chiefs drafted Kansas State fullback Braden Wilson and traded for Arizona Cardinals fullback Anthony Sherman, it became clear something had to give with the other fullbacks on the roster. According to the KC Star's Adam Teicher, the first move will come today.

[Update: The Chiefs confirmed this, and cut 3 more players.]

Patrick DiMarco was picked up by the KC Chiefs in training camp back in August 2012. He appeared in five games for the Chiefs, late in the season when they were out of contention. He did not accumulate any stats. Despite that, AP contributor MNChiefsfan wrote a terrific breakdown on DiMarco near the end of last season.

That all changed when Wilson and Sherman entered the fold.

The other fullbacks on the Chiefs roster are Nate Eachus, acquired last year, and Ryan D'Imperio, who was acquired this offseason. The Chiefs don't have a lot invested in any of their fullbacks so it's a crapshoot to figure out who makes the roster and who doesn't.