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What Kansas City Chiefs play can you never watch again?

The Kansas City Chiefs have had a lot of cringe-inducing plays over the years. Which one sticks out the most?

Andy Lyons Getty Images Sport

I came across this question on Reddit and thought it was a good one for us:

What is one play that makes you cringe every time you see it or that you simply refuse to re-watch to this day?

I'm a KC Chiefs fan so I have a lot of those plays. But one especially sticks out: Gary Stills' missed block against the Bengals in 2003.

The Chiefs are 8-0 and playing the Bengals Browns. This was the year Dante Hall was going crazy, returning everything for a touchdown. Hall receives a kick and breaks through the crowd, looking to go the distance.

Except Gary Stills just misses the block. Check out the 1:50 mark here. You see Stills running past his man.

The Chiefs lost by five that game. Their first loss of the season. And they really should not have lost. (The game Peter Warrick went crazy.)

This isn't the worst play I've seen by the Chiefs. But it's the one I remember often when I think of missed opportunities.

What's the one play that makes you cringe today?

(Edit by Joel: I think I confused my Chiefs memories. Bengals or Browns?)

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