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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 5/17

Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

Joe Robbins

Chiefs Put Emphasis On Blitz During First Week Of Offseason Practice from KC Star

The Chiefs blitzed early and often during the week's three practices, bringing players from a variety of spots.

"That's been Bob's M.O. when he was at the Jets,'' coach Andy Reid said Thursday. "I understand that defense and I know the confusion it can present to offenses. He has good players to do it with. He's getting his plan in place. We're not all the way there yet on either side of the football or special teams, for that matter. We've got a ton of work to do ahead of us. That's what we're trying to do, make steps forward each day we come out here.

"You win games in this league on defense. Winning teams normally have the good, good defenses. Listen, we're in shorts right now. But it's good to see them with the energy they have and bring to practice.''

Chiefs Defense Vocal During Three-Day OTA from The Mothership

Known for his expertise on offense, including working with QBs like Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick, coach Reid spoke further on the plays his team's defense was making, seemingly all day.

"That's absolutely the kind of defense you want," coach Reid said. "You win games in this league on defense. That's what you do. Winning teams normally have good defenses. I think (Chiefs DC) Bob Sutton and his staff are doing a nice job. (John) Dorsey has added a few guys into the mix there that I think make good competition. They're flying around. But listen, we're in shorts right now. It's good to see the energy that they have and that they bring to practice."

Albert Situation Major Test For New Chiefs Regime from KC Star

For their part, the "new" Chiefs are showing that they will pay full sticker price to retain their best in-house talent. They did this with wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and punter Dustin Colquitt, too. If the price includes a premium, Dorsey and Reid will consider it the cost of doing business ... and a message to the rest of their players that their biggest payday doesn't need to be somewhere else.

It's telling that the new Chiefs chose to pay Albert more than he's worth in the short term rather than trade him for less than he's worth in the long term. This is a franchise that is very clearly making football decisions based on football factors, which is a nice change.

A Secondary Look At Chiefs Rookie Class from The Mothership

I caught up with some of the Chiefs secondary players to get their evaluation of the team's 2013 rookie class.

"We have a good group of rookies," Chiefs DB Kendrick Lewis said. "We're just going out there, helping them along the way because it's a new start, but at the end of the day, it's football. We go out there (and) if they need our assistance as veterans, we're there to help them along the way; if there's a problem with coverage and things like that, learning the defense and learning the offense, we're there to help."

Chiefs Searching For Clear-Cut Second Receiver Alongside Dwayne Bowe from KC Star

Reid suggested the Chiefs might mix and match receivers to try to maximize their abilities.

"I don't mind playing a bunch of wide receivers," Reid said. "That's what you do to keep them fresh.

"We've got a variety. We've got some speed guys. We've got some smaller, quick guys. We've got big, strong guys and kind of those intermediate guys and that's OK. We'll work to all their strengths and allow them to make plays.''

Chiefs Announce Personnel Moves from The Mothership

The Kansas City Chiefs announced several personnel moves on Thursday including the hiring of Will Lewis as the club's Director of Pro Scouting and Marvin Allen as the team's Director of College Scouting. The Chiefs have also hired Randy Ball as the team's Pro Scouting Assistant and Trey Koziol to serve as an Area Scout.

Additionally the club has promoted Mike Borgonzi to Assistant Director of Pro Scouting, Dom Green to Assistant Director of College Scouting, Brett Veach to Pro and College Personnel Analyst and Ryan Poles to College Coordinator. Video: Eric Berry Meets With Media After Day 3 Of OTAs Video: Coach Reid Wraps Up Day 3 Of OTAs

Dwayne Bowe Predicts Big Season from ESPN

Bowe, who signed a five-year, $56 million extension with the team this offseason, also talked about fast tempo of the team's new offense.

"I'm going to tire a lot of cornerbacks out because we're going hurry-up offense every day, practicing full speed, fast, hurry-up offense, and that's something that's going to catch the defense off guard, and that's going to open up a lot of big plays down the field for the receivers and for the running game," he said.

San Clemente Honors Its Sporting Best from The San Clement Times

Two other inductees were unable to make the ceremony, but sent statements of thanks. Bill Kenney was a quarterback at San Clemente High School who became a Pro Bowler with the Kansas City Chiefs in the early '80s. After his career ended, Kenney became a state senator in Missouri and now serves on the Missouri Public Service Commission.

In a statement read by his sisters, Kenney said athletics were always an important part of life growing up in San Clemente.

The Wrong Man For The Job from Sports On Earth

About those severed prior relationships: Pellman committee member Rick Burkholder, a former Eagles athletic trainer, is now the head trainer of the Kansas City Chiefs. Members Andrew Tucker and Doug Robertson remain team physicians for the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts, respectively. Members Mark Lovell and Joseph Maroon -- a neuropsychologist and a neurosurgeon -- both reportedly remained NFL advisers as of last year. New York Giants athletic trainer Ronnie Barnes, Colts neurosurgeon Henry Feuer and former Chiefs physician Joe Waeckerle all served under Pellman and remain closely involved with the league's brain health and safety policy, because all three are members of the reconstituted committee.

Like Pellman, they've all managed to keep themselves in there, somehow.

British NFL Wannabe Dropped By Tennessee Titans After Failed Physical from This Is Sussex

The Kansas City Chiefs are also thought to have shown an interest so if Tom is able to get himself fit during the summer his chance's of finding another team may not be over ahead of the start of the season in September.

Though Widely Despised, Nick Saban Is Probably Not "The Devil Himself" from Manolith

There has been a smorgasbord of chatter available for consumption over the past week.Chip Kelly made a jab about Andy Reid's inability to run a tight ship in Philadelphia, passive-aggressively stating that the team ate like crap under Reid's direction. Most would suggest this as stating the obvious.

Reid countered by suggesting Taco Tuesdays and Fast Food Fridays were excellent for team morale, and that his Kansas City Chiefs squad would be eating plenty of K.C. barbecue.

Browns Believe First-Half Leads Are Critical from ESPN

Cleveland didn't score a touchdown in the first quarter until the fourth game of the season and finished with 50 points in the first quarter for the season, which was the fifth-fewest in the NFL last season. According to ESPN Stats & Information, only the Philadelphia Eagles(31), Oakland Raiders (35), Dallas Cowboys (36) and Kansas City Chiefs (42) had fewer first-quarter points than the Browns.

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