Looking at Alex Smith in the Pistol (including a gif & pics)

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Ever wonder why the Chiefs have stockpiled the roster with 3 quality TEs?

Ever wonder why the Chiefs drafted and traded for a FB?


*********************Welcome to the pistol offense**********************


We have a report that has indeed confirmed that the pistol offense is being practiced:

All that talk of integrating the option into the run game wasn't just lip service, kids. The first-team offense tried out a handful of zone-read plays, including some that featured running back Jamaal Charles sharing the backfield with Cyrus Gray. One formation had Smith faking a dive by Charles, then cutting wide and pitching to Gray as they turned the corner in tandem. It was very Oregon, and very cool.

Here is another one:

The Pistol also made an appearance, both of the single back and triple back variety. Several looks showed up at practice including both multi fullback and running back sets. It could be experimental. It was limited in terms of reps.




The pistol is in its simplest form an adjustment of the way the QB and RB line up before the snap:


In the pistol offense, also commonly referred to as the "pistol formation", the quarterback lines up four yards behind the center, which is much closer than the seven-yard setback in a traditional shotgun formation. The running back then lines up three yards directly behind the quarterback, which is in contrast to the shotgun, where they are beside each other.


What makes the pistol even more interesting is that it is often times accompanied by another player to the side of the QB:


Notice for this play above, it is a 2TE, 2RB, 1 WR formation. Picture this scenario:



F=Knile Davis/Cyrus Gray/Kelce/Moeaki



These are the kind of formations we may come to expect in the pistol. You can see the myriad of options that the QB will have to throw to and the amount of motion that is possible. Keep in mind the possibility that Alex can run the ball as well and gash the defense.


It took me a while, but I found a play of Alex Smith using the pistol in 2012. I have labeled the players and the formation. Play close attention to the fact that the offensive linemen use a 3 point stance, the QB is 4 yards from LOS, RB 3 yards back from LOS, FB on the side.


Here is the play in action:


Alex looks really smooth in this play. His footwork is just very good. He puts the ball right where he needs it be and makes the correct read. You can also see that the FB will have a place in this offense. He must be able to pass protect, catch and even be a lead blocker if need be.

What I think is highly interesting about this formation is that it will be able to mix up the offense a bit more. Play calling and match ups can be exploited more and pass vs run can be more difficult to tell. Alex could even go for his own runs if the opportunity is there.

Another point is that the pistol does not require a running QB, although it works to their strength. Alex can run but it does not need to be the mainstay of the offense. This is not the zone read where the QB running is basically a prerequisite.

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