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Here's what Branden Albert said on his first day back with the Kansas City Chiefs

Branden Albert has been absent from the KC Chiefs offseason program to this point. He has signed his tender as the Chiefs franchise player, which means he's officially under contract. He returned to the Chiefs facility for the first time at Tuesday's OTAs. Read on for a transcript of what Albert said to the media following practice (comments via the Chiefs).


Branden Albert Q &A transcript below.

Q: How'd it feel to finally get back out on the field?

Albert: "It felt pretty good. I'm happy to be back. I'm a little rusty, so I have to knock a lot of rust off. I'm happy to be back with my teammates, working."

Q: Was there a time when you didn't know if you'd be back here?

Albert: "I'm just happy to be back. I'm here now. I'm not worried about what I thought before. I'm happy to be here with my teammates and work."

"I'm just happy to be back. I'm here now. I'm not worried about what I thought before."

Q: What changed you from sad to happy?

Albert: "There was no disgruntled, just a little confused. Everything is clear. It's in the past. I'm here to work."

Q: What did coach say to you when he called?

Albert: "He said he wanted to drag me here and kick my butt. That's what he wanted to do. He said I was going to play left tackle. He said he wanted me to come in and work."

Q: What was the central point?

Albert: "There was no central point. Like I said, that's in the past. I'm here to talk about today and moving forward and help this team win games."

Q: Are you close to a long term deal?

Albert: "That's something that my representatives and John Dorsey are talking about. The only thing I'm going to worry about is playing this game and getting better and helping this team win."

Q: How's your back?

Albert: "My back feels good and felt pretty good today moving around. I just have to get the muscles down and get some of this technique down."

Q: Have you interacted with Eric Fisher much?

Albert: "A lot. Why would I not interact with Eric Fisher? A lot of you guys know me. I've been here five years, and that's not the type of person I am. If anything, I'm going to help him the best I can to help us win. I'm the old guy on the offensive line, so I'm willing to help every guy on the offensive line."

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Q: What's your impression of Alex Smith?

Albert: "I like him. He came up to me yesterday with a big smile. He told me he's happy I'm here, so it gave me a vote of confidence."

Q: Do you think you should have maybe chosen your words differently through this process?

Albert: "Everybody makes mistakes. Through this whole process, I realized I made mistakes. I'll grow from it and move on."

Q: So you would admit you made some mistakes?

Albert: "I should have probably not said certain things. It's part of the game. I learned from it and moved on."

Q: Specifically what?

Albert: "You know what I said. I'm not going to repeat it."

Q: All of it?

Albert: "Some of it. I'm just happy I'm here at OTAs with this team, the Kansas City Chiefs. I'm happy to be here."

"I should have probably not said certain things. It's part of the game. I learned from it and moved on."

Q: You're here for good?

Albert: "I'm here right now."

Q: Is this where you wanted to be the whole time?

Albert: "The whole time. That's the God-honest truth. I wanted to be a Chief. I had to go through the process. Now I'm here."

Q: Why did you sign your tender so early?

Albert: "Just was something that me and my representatives came up with. We thought it was a good idea."

Q: If you had not gotten the assurance you'd be the left tackle, would you be here?

Albert: "That's what I was told. That's where I'm at."

Q: A lot was going on before the draft.

Albert: "Everything was confusing."

Q: Where you keeping track of that at the time?

Albert: "Nope."

Q: How close were you to being a member of the Dolphins?

Albert: "Don't know. You never know. I know I'm a member of the Kansas City Chiefs."

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Q: Do you think you're behind at all?

Albert: "A little bit. I'm a little behind, but I'm a veteran. I know what it takes to catch up."

Q: After the first day, do you get the sense that it's going to be a much faster pace on offense?

Albert: "Yeah. It was very, very fast paced. That's what I mean when I say I've got to catch up. I was a little rusty today. How many practices, 13, 14 practices to catch up? So, I'm going to do it."

Q: Was the atmosphere different already?

Albert: "Everything was upbeat, up-tempo. Coach was really on guys, on the small little things to get right. That will help us in the long run."

Q: Andy Reid was an offensive lineman, and he stocked up on o-linemen. Do you appreciate that?

Albert "Last year, we had some injuries. I'm glad that we're pretty stacked and we're pretty strong. We will just keep working hard to keep getting stronger."

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