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KC Chiefs news: Chris Ault hired, 9 roster moves, Knile Davis signs and more

It's the offseason but there was some notable KC Chiefs news on Monday. See below for what you missed while you were _______ (fill in the blank in the comments).

Jamie Squire

For it being the middle of May, Monday was a surprisingly big day of Kansas City Chiefs moves. There were two notable moves yesterday -- Chris Ault was hired and six players were signed while three were cut. Let's review everything that went down.

Chiefs cut 3, sign 6

This is the offseason where you'll see lots and lots of roster moves of players that vaguely ring a bell (or don't ring any bells).

The players cut: FB Ryan D'Imperio, RB Nate Eachus and DB Jose Gumbs

The players signed: DL Risean Broussard, S Greg Castillo, DE Miguel Chavis, S Justin Glenn, RB Jordan Roberts and DB James Rogers

Eachus is the notable player there. The old regime liked him and gave him a chance. In 11 games last season he had five carries for 18 yards. Not exactly a high impact player. Also cut is Ryan D'Imperio, a fullback, which means the Chiefs are clearing the fullbacks off their roster. They drafted one in Braden Wilson and traded for one in Anthony Sherman. Fullback heaven. But, for real, how are the Chiefs going to use their fullback?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Ault hired as a consultant

The Chiefs have yet to formally confirm this but it's happening. The initial report quoted both Ault and his agent (who happens to be the agent of Andy Reid and Brad Childress).

Remember when the Chiefs hired Childress, they made a point of saying it was for both the offense AND defense. "He will also conduct thorough research on the spread offense, benefitting not just the offense but also helping the Chiefs defense," the Chiefs statement on Childress months ago reads.

I believe Ault's position will be a similar situation. He didn't say whether he was coming in for the offense or defense or both but NFL Network reported that he would help on both sides of the ball.

Last night I was prepping a piece saying, "Guys, don't be crazy. Of course the Chiefs aren't turning Alex Smith into Colin Kaepernick." Well, that's still true. But there's evidence to suggest this team will be running (at times) the pistol offense.

The Chiefs have made enough moves to make me seriously question what the 2013 offense will look like. There's less evidence but plenty of speculation that the read option will also be included. Again, I have no idea who, what, when, where or why. It's May. Many of these answers won't come until we're into the regular season.

But color me intrigued.

Chiefs sign their third draft pick

Hey, don't forget draft pick signings! Knile Davis, running back out or Arkansas, became the latest Chiefs player to sign. He is the highest drafted player by the Chiefs to sign. No word on the numbers but last year's No. 96 overall pick signed a four-year, $2.6 million deal. He is the third Chiefs player to sign.

The remaining KC Chiefs draft pick signings:

1 (1): OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan
3 (63) TE Travis Kelce, Cincinnati
3 (96) RB Knile Davis, Arkansas
4 (99) LB Nico Johnson, Alabama
5 (134) CB Sanders Commings, Georgia
6 (170) C Eric Kush, California (PA)
6 (204) FB Braden Wilson, Kansas State
7 (207) DE Mike Catapano, Princeton

Jamie Squire Getty Images Sport

Chad Ochocinco tweets the truth

Important Chiefs news!

Think of all those young pups who are replying to Ochocinco saying, "Now who's this Dale Carter...?" Kids today!

Mike Powell Getty Images Sport

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