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Chris Ault once said Alex Smith could be 'an excellent pistol quarterback'

Chris Ault, the former Nevada head coach and creator of the pistol offense hired by the Chiefs as a consultant, once said Alex Smith would be a great fit for the pistol offense.

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Things just got interesting folks. I was doing some digging around on Chris Ault, the Chiefs new consultant, and came across a gem. Back in January, as the 49ers were making their playoff run with Colin Kaepernick (whom Ault coached at Nevada), a lot of reporters were talking with Ault to learn more about Kaepernick, who was becoming a star.

One of those reports came from Tom Rock of Newsday, who produced this piece on Kaepernick. Along with that piece, Rock shared one nugget of his time with Ault on Twitter:

Chris Ault, father of the pistol offense, told me one QB who'd be really good at running it would be: Alex Smith!

Yes, the QB who was replaced by Colin Kaepernick. Ault said when he was at Nevada and Smith was at Utah, he thought he'd be perfect for what they were trying to develop. "An Alex Smith could run the read system also," Ault said. "I remember him at Utah, he would have been an excellent pistol quarterback."

So ... this is pretty cool. It's all starting to make sense. Well not "make sense" in the sense that I have any idea of what's going on. But I see the connection between Ault and the Chiefs offense now.

Consider me very intrigued by what, exactly, the 2013 Chiefs are going to be.

This would also be a good time to check out this video again (if you didn't already today):

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