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Kansas City Chiefs' Tyler Bray says he's getting used to the huddle, playing at NFL speeds

The Kansas City Chiefs took the field on Friday for their first day of the three-day rookie minicamp. Tyler Bray, former Tennessee quarterback, was among those players taking part. See what Bray had to say after Friday's practice.


Arguably the biggest name in Kansas City Chiefs rookie minicamp this weekend is not Eric Fisher, the No. 1 overall pick. It just might be Tyler Bray, the Tennessee quarterback who went undrafted and joined the Chiefs after the draft. Tennessee fans are crazy like Chiefs fans and Bray is a quarterback in a town starved for one, so it's a perfect mix for lots and lots of attention.

We have had Twitter requests to tell us how EVERY SINGLE BRAY THROW looks. Emails asking us for pictures of Bray (here you go). Lots of people are curious as is the case with every QB who comes through KC. To satisfy your need for Tyler Bray news, here's a Q&A he did with the media following Friday's rookie minicamp (quotes via the Chiefs).

Q: What was the most difficult thing in day one for you or what was most different than what you're used to?

BRAY: "Just getting out the playcall in the huddle. I'm not used to the huddle - we did no-huddle, hand signals and now I'm having to hear the play caller, go in the huddle and try to make sure everyone knows what they're doing."

Q: Is it easy for you to tell that this is a different level?

BRAY: "Oh yeah, I could tell by the first couple snaps that it was way different."

Q: Have you gotten over not getting drafted?

BRAY: "Oh yeah. I knew I was going to have to earn my way, regardless of if I got drafted or not. I'm just looking forward to playing and hopefully learning the system."

Q: Why do you think you weren't drafted?

BRAY: "It's not your choice. You're not the one sitting around in the draft room picking, so you just wait around. If you don't get drafted, you pick up the phone and try to find a team and I found a team here in Kansas City."

Q: Do you have a chip on your shoulder, something to prove?

BRAY: "Every rookie in the draft has got to prove something. We all knew we weren't going to come in and start. I'm going coming in to battle, I'm going to try to learn from Alex [Smith], he's a veteran quarterback, and I'm going to try to learn a lot from him."

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