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Here's why Brandon Flowers was named the NFL's 75th best player

The Kansas City Chiefs are officially repped on NFL Network's top 100 players ranking. Coming in at No. 75 is a KC Chief cornerback.

Matt Sullivan

We knew there would be a Kansas City Chiefs player included in NFL Network's countdown of the top 100 players. We just didn't know who or where. But now we know: Brandon Flowers is the 75th best player in the NFL, according to NFL Network's rankings. I don't even know if players actually vote on these or not so take it for what it's worth but it's a neat honor for Flowers.

Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles and the Raiders' Denarius Moore were charged with speaking about Flowers during the segment. See the segment right here.

Berry remembers his rookie year (2010) wanting to just sit back and watch Flowers and the Texans' Andre Johnson go at it each play. (Not mentioned: Andre Johnson's 138 yards that game.) Charles talks about him being a physical receiver, and the clip of Flowers knocking the Colts' Andrew Luck to the ground last year -- remember, near the sideline? -- was shown. Moore remembered Flowers picking one off and taking it to the house against Oakland last year.

Flowers might be my favorite Chiefs player. First, I love the cornerback position (thanks, Deion). Second, Flowers is one tough dude. Really, really tough. He can tackle. He can hit. He's not a finesse player. He is willing to get in your face and make a play. He can stop the run. He's a smaller guy so he has the perfect attitude for all of this, one where only the end result matters -- the Chiefs winning. He's funny, someone I would want to hang out with. He's also a great teammate, with no one ever saying anything negative about him. I remember last year a report came out saying Flowers was unhappy and it got very little traction because a story like that was so out of character for him. I'd take 53 Brandon Flowers' on my team.

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If one of Flowers' "things to work on" is his ability to return interceptions for touchdowns, then dang it he's set the bar pretty high.

Next up...

Brandon Flowers: A 3-part play

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Brian Bahr Getty Images Sport

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Brian Bahr Getty Images Sport

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How many more Chiefs will make it?

NFL Network's top 100 as it stands now:

100. Dennis Pitta - Baltimore Ravens, TE
99. Trent Williams - Washington Redskins, T
98. Maurice Jones-Drew - Jacksonville Jaguars, RB
97. Heath Miller - Pittsburgh Steelers, TE
96. Dashon Goldson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers/San Francisco 49ers, S
95. Max Unger - Seattle Seahawks, G/C
94. Daryl Washington - Arizona Cardinals, LB
93. Anquan Boldin - San Francisco 49ers/Baltimore Ravens, WR
92. Gerald McCoy - Tampa Bay Buccaneers, DT
91. Troy Polamalu - Pittsburgh Steelers, S
90. Percy Harvin - Seattle Seahawks/Minnesota Vikings, WR
89. Cameron Wake - Miami Dolphins, DE
88. Jacoby Jones - Baltimore Ravens, WR
87. Bernard Pollard - Tennessee Titans/Baltimore Ravens, S
86. London Fletcher - Washington Redskins, LB
85. Charles Woodson - Free Agent/Green Bay Packers, CB
84. Steve Smith - Carolina Panthers, WR
83. Lance Briggs - Chicago Bears, LB
82. Logan Mankins - New England Patriots, G
81. Colin Kaepernick - San Francisco 49ers, QB
80. Dwight Freeney - Free Agent/Indianapolis Colts, DE
79. Luke Kuechly - Carolina Panthers, LB
78. Joe Staley - San Francisco 49ers, OT
77. Aaron Hernandez - New England Patriots, TE
76. Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions, QB
75. Brandon Flowers - Kansas City Chiefs, CB
74. Robert Mathis - Indianapolis Colts, LB
73. Antonio Gates - San Diego Chargers, TE
72. Mario Williams - Buffalo Bills, DE
71. Trent Richardson - Cleveland Browns, RB

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