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Branden Albert trade talks between Chiefs, Dolphins are 'dead'; Long-term deal still possible?

The trade talks between the KC Chiefs and Miami Dolphins for left tackle Branden Albert are dead, according to a report from NFL Network. The Chiefs and Albert will work towards a long-term agreement, according to the report.


Kansas City Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert could remain just that -- the Kansas City Chiefs left tackle. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Albert and the Chiefs are focusing on a long-term deal after trade talks with the Dolphins fell through.

So ... this doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If the Chiefs and Albert weren't trying to negotiate a long-term deal before ... then what were they doing? Was this never an option (pre-trade talks)? I just assumed the Chiefs had their price, Albert had his price, and there was a difference. Thus, the trade talks.

Given what's gone on in the past few weeks, I'm not optimistic about Albert and the Chiefs getting a deal done. Three (unrelated) points here:

1. Actions, not words, are what matters here. The Chiefs actions -- negotiating with the Dolphins to trade Albert -- shows me far more than this report. The Chiefs clearly thought Albert was expendable for the right price. They talked openly about this trade with a number of media outlets. It's no secret they were trying to trade him. Now they're going to give him a multi-year deal? Something just doesn't add up.

2. As we know in the NFL, getting deals usually requires a deadline. For Albert, that will be in mid-July when franchise tagged players will need to sign a long-term deal or else play our the rest of the season under the franchise tag. If we want a date to cling onto, the tag deadline will be it.

3. According to Rapoport, the Dolphins offered a third round pick. Not the 54th pick.

I would LOVE if the Chiefs could come to an agreement with Albert. That would give the Chiefs bookend tackles (sorta like how they had with Albert and Winston but that's another story) for a number of years. My initial reaction upon hearing this report doesn't give me any confidence that they will do a deal. I do think it's possible Albert plays in Kansas City in 2013 given he's under the franchise tag. But right now I would not bet money on him being here beyond that.

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