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Chiefs trade Javier Arenas: Do you approve of the move?

The Kansas City Chiefs traded Javier Arenas to the Arizona Cardinals. Was it the right move?


What does the Javier Arenas trade tell me? It tells me that Arenas probably wasn't going to make the team anyway. When you're traded for a fullback (and your contract is still manageable), that says a lot about your value. Arenas wasn't a good bet to make the 53-man roster after the Chiefs free agency moves and this trade cements that.

But was it the right move? Is having Anthony Sherman on your roster better than Arenas? Is that a bigger impact? And what happens with sixth round pick Braden Wilson now?

Only time will tell but we will do what all good football fans do and quickly judge whether this was a good move or not.

Please vote in the poll and let us know: Do you approve of the trade?

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