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Will the Chiefs take a developmental quarterback?

The Chiefs have already invested both draft picks and money to remake the depth chart. Will they also add a third new face this offseason?


It wasn't too long ago that the depth chart for the Kansas City Chiefs at quarterback started with Matt Cassel, included Brady Quinn and ended with Ricky Stanzi. As a new regime entered, a major statement was made with bold moves via trade and free agency to completely remake the position early in the tenure of Andy Reid and John Dorsey. Enter Alex Smith and Chase Daniel as the top two quarterbacks on the ever-developing roster.

The only question left at the position in terms of roster management is whether or not that third spot is already taken. News about Stanzi has been minimal this offseason (read: none), so it's hard to tell whether or not the Chiefs would consider a third new face at the position. Should they? That likely depends on how the upcoming NFL Draft falls to them with each selection.

The Chiefs already invested a second round pick this season and a conditional second next year for Smith, so a draft investment has been made even if Smith's name is never mentioned from a draft card. Daniel signed for a surprising three years and $10 million, so the financial investment to back up Smith was substantial as well. Both quarterback acquisitions raised eyebrows given the costs involved. Can the Chiefs afford any more into the position?

That depends on whether or not a prospect intrigues them enough. In the latest mock draft from SB Nation, Matthew Fairburn went for three full rounds and gave the Chiefs the strong arm of Mike Glennon with the team's supplemental pick in the bottom of the third round. The Chiefs are in better shape than most teams with the first pick, so there's more flexibility to take the best player available.

Yet should the Chiefs even consider taking a quarterback? It's impossible to tell what Stanzi has to offer on the field given that he has yet to take a regular season snap despite playing for the Chiefs in these last couple of years. At the very least, Stanzi has been working out with other Chiefs so it's a sign he could remain the third option on the depth chart. In addition, Alex Tanney, former trick shot quarterback from Monmouth, remains officially on the Chiefs roster as well.

Should a significant quarterback prospect fall, the Chiefs would likely jump on a great chance if it came along. However it's hard to picture the Chiefs targeting another prospect with any real draft asset given the investment already made. Expect the Chiefs to aim for a quarterback in a future draft, perhaps even in 2014, but unless an unexpected surprise drops in the team's lap on draft weekend, the Chiefs are likely to stand pat.

What do you say? Do you think the Chiefs will have another new face at quarterback from the draft?

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