Power ranking the AFC West: Pre-draft edition


From the FanPosts -Joel

The draft is a couple weeks away and we have no idea who the Chiefs are going to draft.

The AFC West was a one sided fight last year with Denver mowing everyone else over. The other three teams were in a race to see who sucked less. With Denver remaining pat and the Raiders still sucking, the Chiefs and Chargers have new regimes. Should be interesting in the AFC West this year.

Where exactly does the West stand before the draft?

4. Oakland Raiders

It really sucks to be the Raiders fan. Not just because a good portion of them could be watching the games from an 8 by 8 cell. This is a team that should be the odds on favorite to get the first overall pick next year and its not hard to see why. The Raiders are in salary cap hell because of years of ineptitude by Al Davis. The only first round pick from the last ten years left on the roster is Darren McFadden. Yeah when the only first round pick left is your injury prone RB, you have issues. Also the longest they have kept a head coach over the last 8 years is 2 years. Oh and to make matters worse, they have had a winning record since they went to the Super Bowl. It looks like Mark Davis is going to right the ship but the next few years are going to be rough.

3. San Diego Chargers

Oh the Chargers, where to begin. If the Raiders can't keep a first round pick, then the Chargers can't keep their free agents not because they can't, it is because they don't. They looked so good for a while but then they crash landed. Phillip Rivers has taken a nose dive, the offensive line can't keep him upright, they have downgraded numerous positions, Antonio Gates is one more injury away from calling it a day. Things look far better for the Chargers because they have hope that their new HC and GM won't be as idiotic as Norv and Smith were.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

If you notice the trend with the AFC West, there was some major problems. Luckily for Chiefs fans, our issues are easier to fix. Last year the Chiefs were looking good. They knocked the undefeated Packers and went 2-1 under Romeo Crennel the year before. Then the Chiefs took all that and turned it on its head. They had major QB problems, their coaches never knew what was wrong and just when they thought they found a groove they turned that upside down. They were the biggest underachievers last year. A 2-14 team should not be sending 6 (potentially 7) guys to the Pro Bowl. That clearly tells you that they had bigger issues than the players. GM Scott Pioli and Head Coach Romeo Crennel were let go. Before the ink was dry on their resignation papers, Clark Hunt went out and got Andy Reid. They re-signed Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt and then tagged Branden Albert. They released Eric Winston and Kevin Boss. They haven't replaced Winston but picked up Anthony Fassano from Miami. They made the questionable decision to trade for Alex Smith. While I can't say that they will give the Broncos a run for their money, they should not be drafting in the upper half of the draft for years to come.

1. Denver Broncos

Fact of the matter is that as long as Peyton Manning is in the division, they will remain at the top until they prove otherwise. After Manning is going to be interesting. Can they find his replacement or are they going to try tanking a season. They are not unbeatable because if Manning does go down and out, they might have some problems. With a healthy Manning they should win the west. Plain and simple.

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