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There is now an open spot on the Arrowhead Pride team

Today we announce that long-time contributor BJ Kissel is leaving Arrowhead Pride.

Kyle Rivas

It's a good news and a bad news kind of day.

We'll start with the bad: BJ Kissel is leaving us for another opportunity in the writing world. BJ rose through the ranks of Arrowhead Pride and quickly established himself as a top-notch blogger, and because of that he has an opportunity that's better for him.

"A very special thanks to Joel and Chris for allowing me to contribute here over the past few years," BJ said. "It's been a great experience being a part of the community all the way back to my 'Bajah07' days. Yeah, that was me.

"I also want to thank Matt Conner who also helped give me an opportunity at SB Nation Kansas City and helped me along the way in understanding a lot about how this all works.

"But I also want to thank the thousands of community members here on Arrowhead Pride that offered constructive criticism, praise and respect for the work I did here over that time. Without even knowing it you pushed me to do better work and become a better writer. I'm humbled to be given an opportunity like the one that was offered to me from a competing company."

Now for the good news: the search for the next BJ Kissel is on.

Here at Arrowhead Pride we build through the draft, which means the next BJ Kissel is probably going to be someone who comments below. Previous Arrowhead Pride contributors have gone onto paid opportunities at Arrowhead Pride, within SB Nation and elsewhere (like Patrick Allen). The point being, we can help you get to where you want to be.

So drop me a line at joel at sbnation dot com and tell me why we should consider you for the next BJ Kissel.

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