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The Kansas City Chiefs have their draft plan

Nobody in Kansas City needs to get to worried about the draft, it'll all work out.


Only two scenarios are going to happen in the 2013 NFL Draft regarding our beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

1) The Chiefs will hold onto Branden Albert and take Texas A&M's left tackle Luke Joeckel with the top overall pick to fill a need short term (right side) and long term (left side).

2) Kansas City will trade Albert to a team for a second round pick and perhaps something more as well, and then draft Joeckel with the top pick to fill in at left tackle while Donald Stephenson holds down the right side.

Think about it and look at the situation. General manager John Dorsey signed Dustin Colquitt and Dwayne Bowe to major contracts, Colquitt's being the largest of all-time for his position.

Albert, a very good player but never a Pro Bowler, was franchise tagged. Nothing has been said from the media or either involved party that a deal is close. Even with a very tight salary cap that could be relieved by signing Albert to a long-term deal, nothing is happening.

The Chiefs are going to trade Albert before or on April 25 and take a tackle with the No. 1 pick. Deal with it.

I'm not thrilled about it, but could Kansas City's ideas be any more obvious? The Chiefs have done everything except erect a neon sign above Arrowhead Stadium saying "Albert: On the block!"

While it's always more fun when the Chiefs draft a "sexy" player, taking a tackle here is the correct choice provided the front office is sold on him. No position has less of a bust potential at the top of the draft. It's safe and fills a hole on a team that suddenly appears quite complete.

Going into the offseason, everybody would agree that quarterback and cornerback were the top two needs for Kansas City, followed by an inside linebacker, wide receiver and offensive line depth.

Most of these things have been addressed. Alex Smith (like it or not) was brought in along with Chase Daniel. At corner, the Chiefs went all out and signed both Dunta Robinson and Sean Smith. Donnie Avery was brought in to bolster the receiving core and Geoff Schwartz was added as a swing lineman.

Dorsey stepped into the box and hit one out of the park. The only gaping holes remaining in the starting 22 are inside linebacker and right tackle. Should Albert be traded, expect Joeckel and Stephenson handling the tackle duties.

Does that fix everything up front? I don't know, and neither does anybody else.

What I do know is Joeckel will be a Chief and Albert won't come the beginning of May. It's time to accept reality.

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