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Ranking the Chiefs preseason schedule, from the 49ers to the Steelers

The Kansas City Chiefs preseason schedule is out: at New Orleans Saints (Aug. 8-11), San Francisco 49ers (Aug. 15-19), at Pittsburgh Steelers (Aug. 22-25) and the Green Bay Packers (Aug. 29-30). How would you rank them?

The Chiefs had exactly one good half of preseason football last year as their offense looked excellent in the first half of the first preseason game against the Cardinals ... but then it all went downhill from there.

Can the Chiefs have at least some success in the preseason this year? That remains to be seen, but they do have an impressive preseason schedule ... well, as impressive as a preseason schedule can get.

Anyway, here's how I rank the Chiefs four preseason games.
1. San Francisco 49ers: Alex meets his former team

Week 2, Aug. 15-19, Arrowhead Stadium

This will be fun. Alex Smith's former team will play exactly one game before they're on the field with him again. The Chiefs and 49ers will meet next year in the regular season but this year it will be the preseason. It's somewhat odd that this isn't a nationally televised game given it was one of the bigger moves this offseason. And given that the 49ers aren't the Chiefs -- they're actually a team that the NFL likes to feature on national TV. I suppose that's what a two-win season gets you if you're the Chiefs.

The second preseason game is one in which starters could reasonably play the entire first quarter so for at least 15 minutes we could see how the Chiefs stack up.

I want to see Alex Smith meeting Jim Harbaugh on the field before the game. I want to see how he interacts with his former teammates. Smith was seemingly liked by his teammates so I suspect there wouldn't be any legit trash-talking going on leading up to the game. Oh, and yeah, it's the preseason so if anyone is talking trash about a preseason game ... well, they have some issues.

2. New Orleans Saints: Chase meets his former team

Week 1, Aug. 8-11, Merecedes Benz Super Dome

AP reader Tarkus pointed out that this one should really be the top game because Chase Daniel, facing his former team, will actually play in this game. He's the backup quarterback and backups see a lot more time than the starters in the preseason so in terms of actual playing time this one is up there.

The Chiefs starters won't be playing very long at all in this game considering it's the first preseason game but I am curious how the new look secondary matches up against an elite passing offense, even if for just a series or two. The Chiefs added Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson this offseason (sorry, Javier) which really beefs up the secondary. Where will they line up? How will they play? Those are questions i definitely do not expect to get answered in Week 1 of the preseason.

3. Green Bay Packers: John meets his former team

Week 4, Aug. 29-30, Arrowhead Stadium

That would be Chiefs GM John Dorsey who, like Alex Smith and Chase Daniel, is facing his former team. Same with Andy Reid, who was once a Packer, too. This is the fourth and final preseason game which means very little because the starters won't play very much at all.

Unless you're Todd Haley, coach of the 2011 Chiefs, and you keep your starters in deep into the second quarter and your starting tight end, Tony Moeaki, tears his freakin' ACL. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST PLAY IT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, TODD?

OK, whoa. That got a little heated there for a minute. Sorry, bad memories.

The starters won't play very much at all in this game. We will get to see extended action from the reserves for one of the best teams in the NFL, which certainly can't hurt.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Hello, old friend

Week 3, Aug. 22-25, Heinz Field

Playing Todd Haley's Steelers isn't nearly as interesting not that GM Scott Pioli is gone.

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