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Which AFC West player (not named Peyton Manning) would the Chiefs take right now?

If you could take one player from the AFC West not named Peyton Manning and put him on the Kansas City Chiefs right now, who would it be?

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We asked that question to our Twitter followers and Facebook friends and the most popular answer was Denver Broncos defensive end / linebacker Von Miller. Outside of Manning, he's probably the most dominant player at his position so he's the top choice for a lot of people. The bottom choice for a lot of people would be ... anyone on the Raiders. We had three folks suggest someone with Raider ties -- one was Marcel Reece, another was JaMarcus Russell (LOL) and our old pal Levi Damien from Silver and Black Pride wants to send Rolando McClain to KC.


Nice try, Levi.

Moving onto others...

Philip Rivers didn't get enough votes. I think he's a better quarterback than Alex Smith and upgrading at the most important position warrants a mention.


Lots of people picked Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, the Broncos receivers. Very good players, but of all the players in the AFC West you want to add a No. 2 receiver?


Wes Welker's name came up quite a bit as well. I'm very curious to see how he produces in a system outside of New England. Considering it's still a HOF quarterback, he'll probably be fine.

Ryan Clady was mentioned some, too. It was reported that Clady turned down a five-year, $50 million contract offer from the Broncos last year. Um, think he'd take that now given the tackle market?


Eric Weddle is an option, according to AP's own stagdsp. Weddle was in the top three among all the choices. I wonder if this includes your very own Matt Cassel to throw the interception for you.


What do the Nicks think? Former 610 Sports host Nick Wright went with Von Miller. Time Warner Cable Metro Sports' Nick Jacobs went with Chargers defensive end Kendall Reyes. A needs-based pick, I see.


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