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2013 NFL mock draft: Buffalo Bills select...

The 2013 Arrowhead Pride NFL mock draft continues. AP user ArrowDread is representing the Buffalo Bills with the No. 8 overall pick...


Buffalo Bills 2013. Another Top Ten pick. Usually wait til our yearly battle, but let's take a look at our brethren from Buffalo. ...

Well it appears Chan got the can, and Thigpen not happening.

New Head coach is...Doug Marrone???

/googles Doug Marrone

/learns nothing of note.

New QB is...Kevin Kolb?!


/Chiefs fans are upset with Reid and Smith?!

With a new QB and new head coach, both of the vanilla variety, Buffalo best to just play it safe.

Keenan Allen, WR, Cal

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe not the best WR but the most pro-ready (assuming leg checks out). Kolb needs all the help he can get. Allen is used to playing with scatter-armed QBs. Buffalo needs another WR when Stevie Johnson is inevitably suspended by Führer Goodell's new rule. Allen is cut from the AJ Green / Anquan Boldin mold (everyone saw Boldin win Super Bowl by himself). Not a burner, but he will catch everything. Allen may not have the sizzle, but will rock steady for Buffalo. A low-risk pick to help out a no-name coach and a noodle-arm QB.

AP draft order:

1. Kansas City (R2J_24) - Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M, LT
2. Jacksonville - GenericBrand - Geno Smith, West Virginia, QB
3. Oakland - mushin - Sharrif Floyd, Florida, DT
4. Philadelphia - ex-qb13 - Dee Milliner, Alabama, CB
5. Detroit - Ben Martin - Eric Fisher, Central Michigan, OT
6. Cleveland - The Dank Dank - Dion Jordan, Oregon, DE/LB
7. Arizona - SillyHatDay - Matt Barkley, USC, QB
8. Buffalo - ArrowDread - Keenan Allen, Cal, WR
9. New York Jets - MtHammer
10. Tennessee - ejr58
11. San Diego - Chief TigerGator
12. Miami - cmac87
13. Tampa Bay - NigerianNightmare
14. Carolina - DonnyRebel
15. New Orleans - craig in calgary
16. St. Louis - KVin2
17. Pittsburgh -ChiefMojo
18. Dallas - iamthegreatest
19. New York Giants - Topchief1
20. Chicago - Everest
21. Cincinnati - Akr_Baby
22. St. Louis from Washington - KVin2
23. Minnesota - YoungAnalyst
24. Indianapolis - saskwatch
25. Minnesota from Seattle - YoungAnalyst
26. Green Bay - nateforchiefs
27. Houston - RhodyChief
28. Denver - ravenhawk
29. New England - BeeRadd
30. Atlanta - bradelli58
31. San Francisco - How to: Sabotage
32. Baltimore - Ben S

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