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The top 10 slogans for the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs

AP user Chris Martin asked in this post what the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs slogan should be. Many of you responded in the comments, and more responded on Facebook and Twitter. After looking through all the suggestions, here's my list of the top 10 slogans for the KC Chiefs in 2013.

Brian Bahr Getty Images Sport

10. For those who just can't let goScreen_shot_2013-04-04_at_6Screen_shot_2013-04-04_at_69. If you have a chance to make fun of the Rams, you take it.Screen_shot_2013-04-04_at_6And the Royals...Screen_shot_2013-04-04_at_68. Simple and effectiveScreen_shot_2013-04-04_at_67. Do-Reid-os!Screen_shot_2013-04-04_at_66. HonestyScreen_shot_2013-04-04_at_65. Everyone would probably vote for this oneScreen_shot_2013-04-04_at_64. Strong candidate hereScreen_shot_2013-04-04_at_63. For real though, this one might be itScreen_shot_2013-04-04_at_6Or this one...Screen_shot_2013-04-04_at_62. Ron Burgundy would be proudScreen_shot_2013-04-04_at_61. The best one, obviouslyScreen_shot_2013-04-04_at_7

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