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KC Chiefs player gets caught up in the latest Auburn story

A scathing report on Auburn football includes quotes from former Auburn defensive back and current KC Chief Neiko Thorpe. But Thorpe claims his quotes aren't what they seem.

Kevin C. Cox

I am so, so glad I cover the NFL and not college football. Not to say that college football isn't interesting because it definitely is, but it just seems so much shadier than the NFL. More back room deals, lies and things of that nature. Oh, and you can be dealing with teenagers who, if my personal history is any indication, make a lot of dumb decisions.

Take this story from Selena Roberts for example, which is a big deal in the college football world right now. She details a number of alleged infractions from Gene Chizik, the now-former coach at Auburn, and the Auburn coaching staff. The story centers around Mike McNeil and four other Auburn player who in March 2011 were charged with armed robbery.

Read the entire story here. I won't get into all the details but I bring this up because you'll notice that Neiko Thorpe, former Auburn player and current KC Chiefs player, is quoted in the story. His quotes seem to support the narrative that Auburn is above the law.


It'd be hard to believe that any of Thorpe's words were just made up -- though I suppose it's possible -- but I can certainly see a scenario in which his quotes were gathered or used in the wrong context. That happens all the time in stories not as serious as this.

It's a pretty wild story. Here are many of the denials involved.

A few more items on it:

The initial report from Selena Roberts

A summary of that report (that's not 4,000 words)

Thorpe's response

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