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Chiefs 2013 Draft: Getting to know Travis Kelce in under 11 minutes

I came. I watched. I fell in love.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

I wasn't thinking about the tight end position on Friday. After all, the KC Chiefs just went out and signed Anthony Fasano (who is a decent vet), right? And Tony Moeaki is a solid enough player, right? There may or may not be some disagreement about this, but that's for another day.

As I watched the draft, I was not-so-secretly hoping we would draft Stedman Bailey. I honestly felt that the first pick in the 3rd round wasn't too early for him. I love that guy and hate the Rams just a little bit more for drafting him. Beyond that, I was hoping the Chiefs would address the ILB position, but didn't really have a specific player in mind.

So you can imagine my surprise when Dorsey and co. (or Reid and co. depending on who you think is calling the shots ... after the draft, I'm leaning toward Reid on that one) chose Travis Kelce, a tight end, 63rd overall. Actually, I KNOW you can imagine my surprise, because it was very apparent on the draft open thread. That was a whole lot of "meh" reaction from the Arrowhead Pride fanbase, at least at first.

I'd heard of Kelce but hadn't really studied much on him. So I did what all the rest of us who hadn't anticipated a TE did; Googled "Travis Kelce Scouting Report" to see what would pop up. I saw a lot of references to him being a "balanced" TE, solid both at receiving and blocking. My inner pessimist groaned, "jack of all trades, master of none." My inner optimist screamed, "shut up, someone compared him to The Gronk!!!!!"

So as always, it came time to turn to the tape. Now, given that Kelce played at Cincinnati (not exactly a football powerhouse), there isn't a ton of "Kelce vs. ______" tape out there. I found three.

Kelce vs. Duke

Kelce vs. USF

Kelce Vs. UConn

Now, I could go in-depth as to what I saw on those videos (and as always I advise you to watch and draw conclusions), but I'm taking a different approach today. I'll get to why in a second, but here's the takeaway from those vids: very solid blocker, very solid hands, looks athletic, me likey. But we're moving past that to something way, way more important...

Because I also found (well, I was directed to) a "Travis Kelce Highlights: Unseen Footage" video that requires much closer examination than any mere gametape. So instead, I'm trying something new. I'm going to give a running diary of the awesomeness that is this video. If you want to know real things about Kelce, watch the gametape. This is all about the highlights, baby.

I present to you ... Travis Kelce, weapon of mass destruction

0:01- You know this is a great video right from the start. All YouTube highlight videos should begin with a pan-down of a black-and-white (with of course, just a splash of red) picture. All Kelce has to do is not mess it up from here.

0:07- Starting off with a double move for a touchdown is a great way to make me like you, Travis Kelce. By the way, I'm having a hard time thinking of him as just "Kelce," given that most people of that name I've known have been women. Do I just call him Travis? Will he mind? I hope he won't since I'm his new biggest fan. Nice start, Travis!

0:13- Dude's got some wheels for a big fella. Obviously he wasn't outrunning Usain Bolt there, but still.

0:29- Ouch. I mean, OUCH! I want more guys on our team that will blindside a secondary player who has stupidly started jogging despite the whistle having not been blown yet. That is a great way to make me like you. Clean hit, too, so bonus points for being Goodell-friendly.

0:46- So he does not discriminate between players that don't see him coming and players that do. He'll lay them both out. It's good to know he's not picky about secondary players he'll treat like his kid brother. LOVING THIS.

0:55- OK, so that wasn't great tackling. But that was also a guy running HARD. Remember Leonard Pope? What always drove me crazy about him was that despite being huge he went down any time a 190-pound CB hit him. Not so with Travis. Also, note at the end of the play. Notice how he's looking to punish the tackler? That's how you do it. Make that shrimp sorry he hit you.

1:15- Does it seem like he's got soft hands? Yes, yes it does.

1:23- Thought he only knocked secondary players flat on their backs, didn't you? NOPE. Linebackers are not exempt from the wrath of Travis (not sure I'm crazy about this first name thing, either. "Wrath of Travis" does not sounds all that rough). The very next play he delivers a shot to an OLB. This guy plays like he's angry. Why are you angry, Travis? Because whatever it is that makes you angry, keep it in your life. I like Angry Travis (and we've found our nickname)

1:32- Someone who knows the ins and outs of what cut blocks are legal/illegal in the NFL help me out here. This is ok, right? Because I want it to be OK. I'm 99% sure it is. And hey, the guy saw it coming. It's not like he blindsided him unexpectedly, amirite Eric Berry?

1:38- "Give me the football, you stupid linebacker! Now chase me while it takes 6 of your teammates to pull me down!"

1:48- Dude's juking like Dex (glares at Dex-haters). The man's got the moves. Angry Travis is also Dancing Travis.

2:07- Jamaal Charles will faint with excitement watching this kind of run blocking.

2:14- I don't think Angry Travis ever stops looking for guys to hit on running downs.

2:30- Cut blocks a guy to the ground, stands up, shoves him again. Yep, that's about right.

2:40- What kind of TE takes on a defensive and and wins that fight? Angry Travis, that's who. Our new TE/enforcer. That's right, we're bringing the enforcer back into football. It's time.

2:48- Just in case you're thinking, "great, we got Jason Dunn in the 3rd round." Ever see Dunn (who I have mad/crazy respect for, don't get me wrong) make a catch like that?

3:08- Pretty "meh" play, but isn't it worth noting that I was stunned when the first tackler brought him down? That seems worth mentioning twice. I WAS STUNNED ONE TACKLER BROUGHT HIM DOWN. That's what I like about Angry Travis. That and, you know, the anger.

3:16- We need to put him next to Fisher and run that way. All. Freaking. Day.

3:31- Midway through a play Angry Travis (guy between the hash marks) switches from receiver to blocker. Some receivers pout when they don't get the ball. Angry Travis grabs hold of a would-be tackler and drives him backward 10 yards.

3:53- Did I mention soft hands? And that he's not afraid of getting hit? I feel like I've mentioned it

3:55- Wow. junior high flashback with the music. Remember when Limp Bizkit came out with a remake of "Faith" that totally rocked and they were destined to be super-awesome forever? Because I do, and I stand by very young me's opinion! This is a great song, regardless of where the band went from there (braces for mockery).

4:01- He just drove a linebacker 20 yards downfield. This actually happened.

4:17- Taking a DE on one-on-one... standing him up... and flattening him. I think I'm in love. Mrs. MNchiefsfan is not gonna be happy.

4:29- "Yes, ref, I'm aware that I may have hit him slightly after the whistle blew. In my defense, he flew through the air like a pansy. So... he kinda had it coming, right? Right?"

5:30- What's left to say? I just spent a minute watching a TE block like a tackle. One that can catch. And run. Has Alex Smith watched this yet? Because if he hasn't, he should.

5:54- I'm putting the over/under of secondary players Angry Travis decleats this year at 15. Anyone want to take the under?

6:20- Just PHENOMENAL balance. Tip-toeing down the line like Jamaal Charles. I find it odd that the guy hits like a mac truck but the two players I've compared him to so far are JC and Dex. But am I wrong? Don't say "yes" or Angry Travis will find you.

6:40- Do not block Angry Travis's path to the end zone, even if you're his teammate. It's just begging to get knocked over. Hopefully our guys just institute a "3 yard rule" in which they understand you have to keep a minimum distance from Angry Travis for your own safety.

6:50- I want to see this from us this year. Move Angry Travis to the left... then to the right... then to the left. Make the linebackers/secondary players sweat over whose gonna get hit in the mouth that particular play.

7:15- Grace and power, baby. Grace and power. Power and grace. Angry Travis brings everything to the table.

7:28- I think they've changed something in the Matrix... either that or this exact same play ran the exact same way against the exact same team. It's definitely one or the other. No way a guy who made a YouTube video this awesome put the same highlight in twice.

7:46- Who else would love to see some WR screens run to Dwayne Bowe (impossible for secondary players to tackle alone) with Angry Travis (loves putting violent hands on secondary players) out ahead blocking? Those teeny-tiny cornerbacks and safeties are going to need more gauze by the end of our games...

7:53- Not that he hasn't done it already, but I'm going to take the opportunity to point out that Angry Travis gets split wide more than every now and then. He's a mauler with the athleticism to line up all over the field. I mean... seriously, how did this guy drop to the 3rd? Because he smoked a little weed once? Is this going to be our SECOND steal in the 3rd round thanks to pot (OT, Justin Houston needs to get paid ASAP. This has to happen).

8:01- I love the fact that Angry Travis doesn't quit between the whistles... or even a little after them sometimes. Our team NEEDS that edge and has badly lacked it the last few years.

8:20- Angry Travis vs. 2 defenders... and it's a standstill for several seconds. They literally cannot move him at first. I would absolutely hate this guy if he played for the Chargers/Raiders/Broncos.

8:26- I guarantee you we see this play with either Dex or JC in the wheel route this year. I absolutely promise you it will happen. If it does not, I will be sending Andy Reid a very stern letter (or email. Who sends letters?).

8:34- This is what happens when you've been getting hit in the mouth by a TE. You brace yourself for impact... and he slips by you for what should have been an absolutely EASY touchdown. Of course, the QB not only fires the ball in way harder than he has to but makes a terrible throw. No worries, though, as Angry Travis displays every ounce of his balance, coordination and soft hands. Seriously, he's like the love child of a tackle and a wide receiver.

9:14- In case you're saying, "yeah, but can he throw?" (I really, really doubt you were asking that. But still... it's worth seeing, right?)

9:25- "Hey, might highlight video is running down. I'd better knock the snot out of another secondary guy!"

9:51- One last time... Angry Travis plants a defensive lineman.

10:09- Question- Should it even be legal to put Angry Travis in on kickoffs?

10:31- Answer- No, it should not. Watch the helmet fly! So pretty...

10:41- It's all over folks. I feel like I need to take a nap or something.

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