2013 KC Chiefs Draft Overview: Meat and Potatoes

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If I were to have ONE word to describe the 2013 draft class it would be:


I went back and watched tape on most of the players we drafted after the draft. I was familiar with many of them already, and I had watched many during the college football season. Nothing about this draft class jumps off the page for me. I believe the team did improve, but as it applies to "playmakers" and "difference makers" you may have to look a little deeper to find the silver lining. I do not expect to have an Offensive or Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate on the team this year.

I think this class, as a whole, has a low boom or bust possibility.

This post is not an attempt to grade the 2013 Chiefs draft class. I will not be giving out any grades. Draft grades are really pointless anyway, unless you care to see what value teams got on players according to the media. We can give the REAL draft grades in 3-5 years from now. This post instead is here to discuss how the 2013 Chief's draft class affects the team, and also what type of insight it can give us on what Andy Reid/John Dorsey have in mind for the team and the draft.

No. 1 Eric Fisher

This pick only had two possibilities, regardless of what Reid/Dorsey might have told you pre-draft. It was either Joeckel or Fisher. Both players were at the top of the big board for most any team or draft pundit. The results of the draft show that the teams felt the O line to be the strongest group of talent at the top of the draft. The Chiefs picked who they believed to be the best player of the draft, and the best offensive lineman out of a group of VERY talented offensive lineman. If Fisher is the best LT, then Joeckel is not far behind at all. I chose Joeckel in my final Mock Draft citing superior technique and higher level of competition. However I do agree that Fisher has more upside, and I am very happy that we picked Fisher. Let's hope that he starts for the Chiefs for the next 10+years at a Pro Bowl to All Pro level. IMO Dorsey took his BPA, just like he said he would.

No. 33 (Trade) Alex Smith

With this pick plus a conditional for next year the Chiefs acquired QB Alex Smith. I like Alex Smith as the 2013 Chiefs starting QB, but I believe we gave away to much for him. More on this later...

No. 63 Travis Kelce

What is Travis' favorite breakfast food? Pancakes! If you don't believe me, then watch this video.

If you make it through all the catches and watch the blocking, then you will notice that Kelce likes to "finish" blocks. The player that Kelce is blocking, whoever it may be, often times ends up on their back on the ground. I love this pick. I gave Kelce an honerable mention in my mock draft at this pick, even though I had Stedman Bailey pegged here. Bottom line we needed another recieving threat, and I believe we got one in Kelce.

Kelce is nasty, he finishes blocks, he gets to the second level. He has an A+ blocking TE upside. What is underrated about Kelce is his ability as a receiving TE. I see a lot of upside in this department. Watch the tape! Kelce catches with his hands, not his body. He adjusts well to poorly thrown passes. He gets good YAC. He has loose hips, sits in the holes of zone coverage well. Kelce is athletic and has 4.64/40yd speed at TE. All that said, Kelce is relatively new to the TE position playing QB previously, and has a lot of work to do. Kelce also has a some charachter concers involving his 2010 suspension for "smokin the weed".

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My favorite pick of the Chiefs draft -Migidee <!-- ######## END SNIPPET ######## -->

If everything goes right in his development then his ceiling is Gronk! My favorite pick of the Chiefs draft. A ton of upside here, and as Mayock mentioned after the pick, there was a pretty big drop off in TE talent after Kelce. He fills a need, even though I would've taken Stedman Bailey, I understand and like this pick.

No. 96 (comp) Knile Davis

This is the most confusing and intriguing pick of the Chiefs 2013 draft. I was not very happy about this pick, and judging by the polls on AP you all were not either. I think what I really take away from this pick is that Dorsey/Reid are not necessarily picking the BPA, at least not in every round. I have always believed that you should draft starters in rounds 1-3, and draft on upside in rounds 4-7. This pick makes me wonder if Dorsey/Reid were thinking the same thing about the end of the 3rd round.

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My only question is: Are we getting 2010 or 2011 Knile Davis?-Migidee <!-- ######## END SNIPPET ######## -->

This pick has boom or bust written all over it. If Davis can clean up the fumbles and stay healthy then he has "homerun ability". Davis has the upside of JC, but Davis' injury and fumble track record make the chances of this pick busting too high for my liking. I will go out on a limb and say we get a Darren McFadden type player. I think Davis will produce while he is healthy and not fumbling, but be injured so often that his dependability is squat. Davis has world class speed and ability. My only question is: Are we getting 2010 or 2011 Kniles Davis?

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No. 99 Nico Johnson

I liked Kevin Reddick at SILB in my mock draft, but Reddick didn't even get drafted, so shows what I know. There is nothing flashy about Johnson. He comes from a great program and won multiple NCAA titles. Johnson is a two down Mike backer. He will be solid at that, but thats about it. He seems to be a coverage liability. He doesn't seem to have a pass rushing upside. He is a hard-nosed block eater. He reminds me of Jovan Belcher, who he happens to be replacing.

What is more interesting about this pick is what we learned about Dorsey/Reid in the process. It was reported that the Eagles had traded up here to pick before the Chiefs so they could acquire Matt Barkley. They, and other teams in the NFL, all believed that Reid wanted Barkley. I have to think that Reid would have indicated his preference on Matt Barkley before being fired in Philly. If they believed Reid wanted Barkley then I have to think that there is at least a nugget of truth there. Dorsey/Reid may not have been looking for Barkley (or a QB for that matter) there as reported in the post draft press conference by Reid, or maybe they are just saving face. I personally believe that if they wanted Barkley at No. 99 then they would have taken him at No. 96, but you still have to wonder how much Reid liked him. Reid also mentioned in the press conference that they were looking for an ILB at #99 which cements it in my mind that the Chiefs are not drafting BPA, at least not at this point in the draft. They are taking the best MLB available!

No. 134 Sanders Commings

Here is your new FS. I would have taken his teammate Bacarri Rambo here, or addressed FS earlier in the draft. Maybe I just prefer potheads to woman beaters, but that's just me. Regardless of my bias, this pick has a good ability of succeeding. Reid/Sutton wanted a FS with cover skills and they got one. He has "center fielder" ability and could turn out to be a ballhawk. Fast with good size.(Not Browner or Sherman size though so stop it already) A lot of upside here. I think this pick also shows that the team is drafting on measureables and projection here, not production.

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No. 170 Eric Kush

Depth at C. I would have picked Louisville C Mario Benavides here, (ironically enough, Chiefs picked him up a a UDFA) but I like most of you knew nothing of Kush except what I saw in the East West game, which didn't stick out. I heard that he has a lot of athleticism and upside and I can only trust the front office on this one. Considering the Chiefs got the C I wanted in UDFA, I will have to say the Chiefs did well on this pick and really solidified the C position depth!

No. 204 Braden Wilson

This pick personifies this draft for KC. A solid player at a very unsexy position. I had Wilson graded as the best blocking FB before the draft. I am not a KSU fan, but I watched more than one of his games last year and this guy is pretty good. Assignment sound like many of Bill Snyder's players, Wilson is a suffocating run blocker. Seldom targeted in the pass or run game he is somewhat of a one trick pony. Wilson does not have "elite" athletic ability, but if he did he wouldn't be a FB. I have always liked taking FBs in the later rounds of the draft, because you are getting a starter in the 6-7th round.

No. 207 Mike Catapano

Late round flyer on a pass rusher with a lot of production in the Ivy League. I have watched a lot of tape on this player since we drafted him and I see a ST player with pass rushing upside. A project at rush backer this guy looks promising for a 7th round pick.

Undrafted free agents

We got a ton of players in UFA this year and I am pumped. I don't ever recall us getting such a haul! Admittedly most wont make the team, but I am a dork for diamonds in the rough so I geek out on stuff like this. I will only bring up 2 of our FA:

Tyler Bray: We all know the story. Knucklehead with a golden arm. If this kid matures and Reid can work some magic with him we have a franchise type of guy. He certainly has a franchise arm! HUGE VALUE IN UFA! This is a win-win here. Worst case we lose nothing, best case he is our future starting QB. If you would have told me before the offseason that we were going to trade for Alex Smith, sign Chase Daniel and get Tyler Bray while only using a 2nd and a 3rd round pick(or 2nd and a 2nd if you prefer) then I would have done a cartwheel. Sounds funny, but this takes some of the sting off of the Alex Smith trade for me. We have our guy to win now, our back up, and now our young QB (hopefully OTF) to groom. Not a bad pick up here!

Mario Benevidez: I had the Chiefs drafting Benavidesin the 7th round in my mock. Instead we get Kush and still get Benavides here. What a steal! WTG Dorsey! We have some pretty solid depth at C this year. Unlike last year, we have a lot of snapping experience if Hudson goes down, and I believe that Kush or Benevidez could even challenge him for the job out right!

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Overall, this wasn't a sexy draft, and we still have question marks on the team, (Cough:WR2:Cough) but I think this team made some SOLID improvements. What do you think?


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