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NFL Draft 2013: Rate KC Chiefs 2013 draft picks

After the Kansas City Chiefs made their 2013 NFL Draft picks, we asked you whether you approved of each pick. The numbers below are the result.

Matthew Stockman

1 (1): OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan: 90 percent

We were all prepped for this one. By Thursday, it became clear the KC Chiefs were selecting Fisher. If you believe that offensive tackle was the only position the Chiefs should take then it's a coin flip between Fisher and Luke Joeckel, who now wants to prove KC wrong. Fisher is said to be more athletic AND he can play multiple positions such as right tackle or guard. That gives the Chiefs options on this Branden Albert situation. I like this pick because it should work out and long-time readers know I just don't wanna screw it up that high in the draft.

3 (63) TE Travis Kelce, Cincinnati: 80 percent

This pick is growing on me quite a bit. At first I saw it as a boring pick. A tight end who can block. Doesn't get more boring than that, especially when we did not consider tight end a need. The Chiefs just dropped a multi-year deal on Anthony Fasano, and Tony Moeaki remains on the roster. From that sense I didn't understand it.

But looking into it more, I see what Kelce can bring. He's very versatile and can line up in multiple positions. If he can block and catch -- he was rated the second best tight at doing both of those things in this draft -- he gives Alex Smith a lot of options at the line of scrimmage next season.

3 (96) RB Knile Davis, Arkansas: 49 percent

This is the lowest-rated draft pick of the weekend and I'm not surprised. Teams can look at a player and talk about scheme to explain why he would fit with your team or they can talk about how they project the player in the league. That's something coaches are experts on. But something everybody can see is injuries.

Davis lost a year in high school due to injury. Same with college. Reid says they're not concerned but past history makes it clear as day that they should be concerned. I think that's why people question this pick -- the injuries.

4 (99) LB Nico Johnson, Alabama: 91 percent

This pick was highly rated by Chiefs fans because it was easy to understand. Johnson plays inside linebacker. The Chiefs have a need at inside linebacker. Boom! Makes sense.

Johnson may only be a two-down linebacker in the pros. As the great KaloPhoenix points out, the Chiefs should be striving for ultimate positional flexibility by putting as many three-down players on the field as possible. Johnson wasn't asked to play much coverage in Nick Saban's scheme so maybe he's actually awesome at it but for now it looks like he's going have a shot at fulfilling the hole left by Jovan Belcher as a two-down player.

5 (134) CB Sanders Commings, Georgia: 84 percent

Commings is set to play free safety for the Chiefs, challenging Kendrick Lewis, who was picked two spots after this three years earlier. Commings has a past, getting suspended and arrested last season. That brings up fair questions. The Chiefs checked into it and weren't concerned enough to drop him from their board.

Commings figures to be depth in year one and maybe even two. The Chiefs have Kendrick Lewis and perhaps Dunta Robinson to fulfill that safety role. Lewis and Robinson are both year-to-year players so there is a clear path for Commings to one day become a starter.

6 (170) C Eric Kush, California (PA): 70 percent

Andy Reid said he was a "sleeper pick" around the league. For a sixth round pick, you just want the guy to make the roster and find a role. If Kush can back up at center and another interior offensive line position he could be a good pick.

6 (204) FB Braden Wilson, Kansas State: 72 percent

Same deal as Kush - you just want your sixth round pick to have a role. Wilson will be competing with a few other fullbacks on the Chiefs roster. If he can make himself useful in multiple ways, like catching the ball out of the backfield, I like this pick.

7 (207) DE Mike Catapano, Princeton: 92 percent

Good seventh round pick. Catapano was a star in the Ivy League. You're hoping he's a diamond in the rough and can fulfill a backup position. Tamba Hali and Justin Houston are the edge rushers right now.

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