Draft Needs, and Wants vs. what we have available

Okay, first Post - so be gentle.

I think we can divide our draft requirements into 3 categories: Draft Needs - the positions where we really need to upgrade our current starter, Depth Needs - those positions that require some additional depth to ensure that we make it through the season or require multiple people to fill one position, and then finally Development picks - picks where we eventually know that we will need to replace a grizzled veteran.

Draft Needs: I only have two positions: ILB and Safety. Safety is a requirement because this simply is one of the most important defensive positions, and I can't stand to think that Lewis might start again. We press the corners, so we need a fast center fielder to clean up the mess. The advantage we have is that Berry can either play up or he can play the center fielder. So this broadens our choices. ILB is obvious - and some good news here is that there are several good candidates that should be available.

Depth Needs: Tight End, and Defensive Line really are the only two spots here. People could argue RB or LB, but we are walking in adequately staffed in these two positions.

Development Needs: QB, WR, RB, DE, LB - really almost any position.

Given that we three third round picks (our first one, our compensation pick and our first in the fourth) - we could take care of our Draft Needs, and one of our Depth Needs. That then allows us to go after Development players in the later rounds - QB stands out as a good example here.

My point is two-fold: 1) we don't need to panic if we don't make the Albert trade. We have enough firepower. 2) Don't worry about the second round. Once the third hits, we should get three players, two of which will start.

Dorsey and Reid did a good job of putting us in a position where we CAN draft developmental players, and we should take advantage.

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