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Chiefs, Dolphins and Branden Albert trade talks down to draft picks

What's going on with the Branden Albert trade? Two reports indicate that the trade compensation between the Chiefs and Dolphins are the current hold-up.

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When we last left the Branden Albert trade rumors, there was some disagreement as to what the hold up was in a potential trade: A.) the trade compensation between the Chiefs and the Dolphins B.) the contract negotiations between Albert and the Dolphins.

We now have (partial) answers to both of those questions.

1. The draft picks are the hold-up in the trade

As the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero writes, nobody seems to know the exact details of the trade compensation. We're thinking it's one of the Dolphins second round picks -- No. 42 or No. 54 -- but we can't say for sure. The Chiefs were previously said to be seeking a second round pick and a late round pick in 2014. Now the media consensus is that it's just a second round pick.

As for the other part of this...

2. The Dolphins will pay Branden Albert

So this means the Dolphins believe Albert is healthy. The physical will be notable if this trade goes down. It also means I have nooo idea what the Dolphins are doing. They let Jake Long go to the Rams and now they're going to pay Albert similar money ("elite", whatever that means) AND give up a second round pick. (I could also see some disagreement over what "elite" means.)

ESPN's Adam Schefter said earlier today that this is a trade that "has to happen". Salguero writes that his sense is that it gets done "eventually". Ever since it became apparent the Chiefs are likely to draft an offensive tackle No. 1, I have thought this trade would get done. At some point. It could be Thursday or Friday. It could be even further down the road.

One more note: NFL Network's Sam Wyche reports the Dolphins are the only team in on the trade talks. There were some rumors that the Dolphins or even the Chargers could get in on it but apparently not.

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