What are your bold predictions for this year's draft?

Kevin C. Cox

From the FanPosts. -Joel

It is almost time for the draft (as if you didn't know). And it's time to make some bold predictions. Last year I closed my eyes and threw a dart that hit the bullseye by suggesting a week before the draft that Dontari Poe could still be on our radar, despite numerous reports to the contrary (it was a complete guess. Thought DeCastro like many of you).

So with this "unusual" draft upon us, what are some of the bold predictions that you foresee? Let's define a bold prediction as "a prediction that goes against what is believed by a majority, be it here or in the mainstream media".

So without further delay, here are my bold predictions for this year's draft. I believe these, but it's meant to be more of a fun exercise than it is to crap all over someone's suggestions. Let's go:

  • Geno Smith will go to the Jacksonville #33.- As I duck for cover, I am predicting that once Geno gets out of the Top 10 and then slips by the Jets at 13, that he will fall completely out of the first round. And at the beginning of Day 2, the Jags can snag him where they may have been tempted to do so much too early at #2.
  • Ryan Nassib will be the only QB picked in the first round- Maybe Gil Brandt was right all along? Nassib has been trending upward these last few weeks and it would not be out of the realm of possibility to see him go to Buffalo at 8 (or later if Buffalo is able to move down at all)
  • Detroit will surprise many by passing on Dee Milliner- Shot in the dark on this one. I have read multiple reports that Atlanta would like to get in on this action and if he gets past Detroit and Cleveland they just might.
  • Despite Oakland's new regime, they will choose the wrong DT at #3- The Vegas odds on Shariff Floyd going to Oakland are staggering. Almost a sure thing. I say even the new Raider regime will mess that up and take Star Lotulelei.
  • John Dorsey will hit a home run with his first draft AND will find a way into the 2nd round, regardless of the BA situation: Luke Joeckel is the definition of an un-sexy choice at #1. But obviously (well it should be obvious) the FO has a plan. That plan should most definitely include getting back into the 2nd round by some means. I am a fan of the Alex Smith trade (essentially making him our pick at 34) but with a stronger 2nd and 3rd round pool of players than in the past (according to those whose job it is to research these things), I would have to think Dorsey will continue with his "win now" approach and get back in there as best he can.

Ok, that's how it's done. I may go 0 for 5, but that isn't necessarily the point. The point is to make some bold predictions and see how you do. Predicting that the Chiefs will take a LT is not exactly bold. Let's have a little fun with it and feel free to hammer away at my own predictions, even if they are purposefully a little kooky. Have a good one everybody.

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