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Kansas City Chiefs' John Dorsey: 'We made the proper decision' with Alex Smith

Sometime later this season, we will begin to have an idea of whether the Kansas City Chiefs truly made the "proper" decision in rolling with Alex Smith over a rookie quarterback.


It's been six weeks since Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey pulled the trigger on a trade with the San Francisco 49ers for quarterback Alex Smith. And six weeks later, Dorsey still believes Smith was the best possible option for the Chiefs in the 2013 season and beyond.

Dorsey spoke with the Chiefs website last weekend and reiterated his belief in Smith, who has already been tabbed the Chiefs starting quarterback.

"In today's football, truth be told, you need a quarterback to sustain wins," Dorsey said. "After evaluating 20-something players both in college and pro football, I said earlier and I'll say today, Alex Smith was the best option for this organization. I still stand firm by that.

"The more I'm around him, the more I embrace him as a man, as a leader. Statistically and watching the film his performance on the field speaks for itself. With the coaching staff in place, it will benefit us.

"I think we made the proper decision with him. I can't wait for training camp. I can't wait for preseason because I believe in this guy."

Here's what I can't figure out (and we probably won't for a few years): Is the fact that the Chiefs consider Alex Smith the best option a reflection of this year's poor quarterback class or a reflection of Smith's abilities?

The good thing is that we have the NFL Draft coming up later this week, which means the (over-) analysis of Alex Smith can be put on hold until May.

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