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Branden Albert wants to know his future, hints at a deadline with the Kansas City Chiefs

Branden Albert joined NFL AM on Tuesday morning to talk about his future with the Kansas City Chiefs, which is very murky right now. Albert, who has been subjected to plenty of trade rumors in recent weeks, said he just wants to know his future.


The offseason workouts: "I got franchised a month back and there has been speculation [on me] not being there, being traded, so until I know my situation with certainty I'm going to stay away and work out and when the time's right, show up." That's no surprise. Albert reads the news just like everyone else and he has an agent who is surely trying to find out the same information. The Chiefs offseason program is voluntary, by the way. Albert said he hasn't considered whether he would show up for the mandatory minicamp in June ... if he's still on the team.

His future in KC "Nothing's clear yet." Albert wants a "definitive answer" on his future and has not received that from the Chiefs brass. He has talked with the Chiefs but they haven't told him specifically what the plan is. To me, I see that as a sign that the Chiefs are trying to trade him. If they planned to keep him, wouldn't they just say that?

Long-term deal: "I want to play for the Chiefs but I want the commitment long-term." Obviously that means a long-term deal. The Chiefs, to this point, have not given him that, though they have given others new deals.

There IS a deadline between him and the Chiefs: "Right now we have somewhat of a deadline. I'm not gonna speak on it." So what is the deadline? Makes me wonder if this is at all related to John Dorsey saying they will decide on the No. 1 pick four days before the 2013 NFL Draft.

Almost a new deal last year: "In the middle of the season, we were negotiating. ...things happened, and I'm in the situation I am now." Interesting that Albert says he was negotiating with the previous regime last season. He seemingly felt a deal was going to happen. But then GM Scott Pioli was fired, and the new regime came in, which he's been caught up in.

Reaction to Luke Joeckel / Eric Fisher: "Every pre-draft thing is saying that's gonna happen but what can I do about it?" Nothing, apparently.

The obligatory right tackle question: "That's not something I want to do, to be honest with you. I want to play left tackle. I've been playing left tackle the last five years of my career and that's what I want to do."

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