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2013 NFL mock draft: Philadelphia Eagles select...

The 2013 Arrowhead Pride NFL mock draft continues. AP user ex-qb13 is representing the Philadelphia Eagles with the No. 4 overall pick...

Rich Schultz

With the 4th pick in the NFL Draft the Eagles take Dee Milliner, cornerback, Alabama.

Coming from 'Bama, Milliner will help in the Eagles very weak secondary, and with the NFL being so pass oriented, the Eagles cannot take a chance on not being ready defensively.

Milliner is an excellent corner with a nastiness towards run defense. He has excellent ball skills, blanket type coverage skills and rarely allows separation. He is excellent at bump and run coverage and has excellent ball skills, slapping a lot of passes away. Milliner at 6'0, 200 pounds, fast, not a big gambler, reads plays quickly and is rarely fooled.

After watching every Alabama game this year you can be assured that even though he is coming out as a junior with room to grow, he will be a great addition to the Eagles secondary for years to come. And after playing two years behind the likes of Dre Kirkpatrick and DeQuan Menzie who are now in the NFL, he looks to be the next in a long line of DBs from the factory in Tuscaloosa.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

AP draft order:

1. Kansas City (R2J_24) - Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M, LT
2. Jacksonville - GenericBrand - Geno Smith, West Virginia, QB
3. Oakland - mushin - Sharrif Floyd, Florida, DT
4. Philadelphia - ex-qb13
5. Detroit - Ben Martin
6. Cleveland - The Dank Dank
7. Arizona - SillyHatDay
8. Buffalo - ArrowDread
9. New York Jets - MtHammer
10. Tennessee - ejr58
11. San Diego - Chief TigerGator
12. Miami - cmac87
13. Tampa Bay - NigerianNightmare
14. Carolina - DonnyRebel
15. New Orleans - craig in calgary
16. St. Louis - KVin2
17. Pittsburgh -ChiefMojo
18. Dallas - iamthegreatest
19. New York Giants - Topchief1
20. Chicago - Everest
21. Cincinnati - Akr_Baby
22. St. Louis from Washington - KVin2
23. Minnesota - YoungAnalyst
24. Indianapolis - saskwatch
25. Minnesota from Seattle - YoungAnalyst
26. Green Bay - nateforchiefs
27. Houston - RhodyChief
28. Denver - ravenhawk
29. New England - BeeRadd
30. Atlanta - bradelli58
31. San Francisco - How to: Sabotage
32. Baltimore - Ben S

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