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Chiefs' John Dorsey: 4 players in the running, KC will explore all options

Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey conducted a Friday afternoon press conference talking about the 2013 NFL Draft. Below you can find a recap of what he had to say.


The No. 1 pick

Chiefs GM John Dorsey said they're look at four players for the No. 1 pick

Do the Chiefs know who they will pick? "Not right yet. I've said all along it's an ongoing process ... From a clarity standpoint, when that curtain is raised on Thursday night, we'll be ready. But right now it's still ongoing."

Dorsey has "no qualms" that the No. 1 pick will be signed ... not before the draft, just in general.

On whether he could negotiate with two players for the top pick: "What am I gonna do? Select this player based off of negotiations? I'm going to select this player based off of his abilities."

On Eric Fisher vs. Luke Joeckel: "I don't like to talk about specifics of players ... I think they're both really fine football players. I think this year the offensive line position has some true prospects of it."

Trading the No. 1 pick

On when they could trade the No. 1 pick: "What I have to do is what's best for the Chiefs organization. I'l explore every option available then you'll begin to weigh those decisions then at the appropriate time .. .you have all the way up to that last minute."

On the trade value chart: "Everybody has those points systems when it comes to trading. The only value in those is that you hope whoever you'e trading with, you hope they have the same point scale."

On trading back into the second round: "I'll explore every option there is."

Branden Albert stuff

Dorsey confirms Dolphins have permission to speak with Albert's agent.

On talking to Albert: "I've been talking to his reps on an ongoing basis."

More on talking to Albert: "What I do is, is I've tried to talk to the agent and whatever I say to the agent I'm sure he's passing onto Branden."

On Albert: "Branden Albert's a good football player. We wouldn't have stuck the franchise tag on him if he wasn't. He's a good football player and it's my job to explore all options and that's what's going on."

General draft talk

Dorsey, Andy Reid, Clark Hunt, scouts, coaches and individuals working trade phones will be in the draft room.

On addressing needs in free agency: "We think we addressed ... the back side of it you try to fill in free agency. I think we secured some players with the existing team that in order to move ahead you have to go and do those type sof movements. I'm very happy with the free agents that we signed. Now you look forward to the college drafting part of it and get ready for training camp."

Dorsey thinks the offensive and defensive lineman, along with corners, have "unique characteristics" this year.

Random stuff

Dorsey hasn't turned on the radio or watched TV (non-football) in a month.

Dorsey called Twitter "Tweeter". Ha. "Information happens too fast these days for me."

Dorsey said people "stretch the truth" in April so you have to watch out.

"Clark [Hunt] has been awesome" giving them the resources necessary. Dorsey says Hunt is a "genuinely nice man" and he's "very passionate" about the Chiefs.

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