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NFL schedule 2013: Ranking every KC Chiefs game on the schedule

The 2013 NFL schedule was released on Thursday night and the Kansas City Chiefs learned they will open the season on the road and end the season on the road. See the complete Chiefs 2013 schedule here. Below is my ranking of all 17 weeks of the 2013 season.


1. Week 3. @ Philadelphia Eagles (Sept. 19, 7:25 p.m., NFLN)

Of course. Of course this is the best game. It's the Chiefs only primetime game. It comes against Andy Reid's former team of 14 years, the Eagles. Chip Kelly. The Eagles third game in 11 days. Both teams are coming in with new head coaches and plenty of questions at quarterback. There's a lot going on here.

Last game: 2009 Week 3, Eagles win, 34-14

2. Week 13. Denver Broncos (Dec. 1, 12 p.m., CBS)

The Broncos games are the best team in the division. If the Chiefs are going to be competing for a division title, this is a must-win.

Whoa. I just dropped the first must-win of the season. Maybe it's just a tad too early.

This also happens to be the date of the Jovan Belcher tragedy.

Last game: 2012 Week 17, Broncos win, 38-3

3. Week 14. @ Washington Redskins (Dec. 8, 12 p.m., CBS)

RG!!! RG!!!

I went to the Chiefs-Redskins game in Washington back in 2009. The Chiefs won, their first victory of the season. This game would be all about RGIII though. I'm not a Redskins fan but he was a lot of fun to watch last year. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how the Chiefs fare against him. Plus, the Redskins were a playoff last year. That's the level the Chiefs want to be at.

Last game: 2009 Week 6, Chiefs win, 14-6

4. Week 11. @ Denver Broncos (Nov. 17, 3:05 p.m., CBS)

Broncos again. That's how important these games are. The Broncos embarrassed the Chiefs in the final game of the 2012 season. What a bad, bad game. The Chiefs had nothing to play for (besides the No. 1 pick) and just didn't show up.

Last game: 2009 Week 17, Broncos win, 38-3

5. Week 4. New York Giants (Sept. 29, 12 p.m., Fox)

Two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning. Like the Eagles game in Week 3, the Chiefs also played the Giants in the same week (Week 4) as they did in the 2009 season. That game was at Arrowhead and I missed it for some reason ... I was just sitting here trying to remember why I missed it. I remember driving on a highway so I was out of town some place ... someone look at the archives to see if I made comments about where I was.

Last game: 2009 Week 4, Giants win, 27-16

6. Week 2. Dallas Cowboys (Sept. 15, 12 p.m., Fox)

Let's just be honest here. The fan base that can drive the most web traffic is the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully the Chiefs are coming off a win over the Jaguars and ride some momentum into the second game of the season against Dallas and we can bask in the glory that is Cowboys web traffic.

Also the home opener, which is important.

Last game: 2009 Week 5, Cowboys win, 26-20 (OT)

7. Week 7. Houston Texans (Oct 20, 12 p.m., CBS)

If the Chiefs are a playoff team they have to compete with the Texans. Houston seems to be hitting their stride. They're going to be competing for the AFC South title.

I also feel like the Texans are the 1990s Chiefs. Just good enough to

Last game: 2010 Week 6, Texans win, 35-31

8. Week 16. Indianapolis Colts (Dec. 22, 12 p.m., CBS)

Andrew Luck. The Colts beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead last season, the one where Jamaal Charle went crazy with 226 rushing yards. That was a fun game to watch only because of him. The Chiefs were terrible but Charles was still a reason to watch.

(Looking too far ahead warning) Playoff implications? The Chiefs won two games last year so part of me feels a little silly talking about meaningful games in December but give me an important December game against the Colts.

Last game: 2012 Week 16, Colts win, 20-12

9. Week 6. Oakland Raiders (Oct 13, 12 p.m., CBS)

The Raidahs.

Last game: 2012 Week 17, Raiders win, 17-0

10. Week 9. @ Buffalo Bills (Nov. 3, 12 p.m., CBS)

This will be the SIXTH year in a row the Chiefs and Bills have played ... and the Chiefs have won just one of those. So for those of you looking at the Bills and thinking that's a W, remember that win-loss record.

Last game: 2012 Week 2, Bills win, 35-17

11. Week 15. @ Oakland Raiders (Dec. 15, 3:05 p.m., CBS)

The Raiders are another game on the schedule you look at and mark as a win. But you know what, the Chiefs have won one in their last six games against the Raiders. One out of the last six! There are no gimmes on the schedule.

Last game: 2012 Week 17, Raiders win, 17-0

12. Week 12. San Diego Chargers (Nov. 24, 12 p.m., CBS)

The Chiefs have lost four of five against San Diego. And the all-time record is 52-52-1. That means this one is for all the marbles!

Last game: 2012 Week 9, Chargers win, 31-13

13. Week 8. Cleveland Browns (Oct. 27, 12 p.m., CBS)

Yet another "Chiefs should win this game!" on the schedule. Last game? The Browns dominated. Maybe this FBI investigation will distract them this season.

Last game: 2012 Week 14, Browns win, 30-7

14. Week 5. @ Tennessee Titans (Oct. 6, 12 p.m., CBS)

Ah, I remember playing the Titans last. It was the Chiefs 2010 division winning season and they beat down the Titans, en route to the playoffs. The last time the Chiefs visited Tennessee was back in 2004. The score to that game: 49-38, a Chiefs win.

Last game: 2010 Week 16, Chiefs win, 34-14

15. Week 10. BYE

I like the placement of this bye week.

16. Week 1. @ Jacksonville Jaguars (Sept. 8, 12 p.m., CBS)

I will be looking forward to this game quite a bit but it's not one of the best games on the schedule. You get so pumped up for the start of the season and the NFL schedule makers pit the worst and second worst teams against each other. Ugh. Almost feels like a slap in the face.

Last game: 2010 Week 7, Chiefs win, 42-20

17. Week 17. @ San Diego Chargers (Dec. 29, 3:25 p.m., CBS)

The Chargers OWN the Chiefs in San Diego. This is not a good ending to the season for KC. I'm concerned about this game if things get tight down the stretch.

Last game: 2012 Week 9, Chargers win, 31-13

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