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Chiefs' Andy Reid denies latest Branden Albert rumor

The Branden Albert trade rumors popped back up this morning with ESPN reporting the Kansas City Chiefs have given the Miami Dolphins permission to speak with Albert. However, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid denied that was the case.


[Update: Andy Reid clarifies and says that the Dolphins DO have permission to speak with Albert]

Earlier today ESPN's John Clayton reported that Kansas City Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert had been given permission to speak to the Miami Dolphins. Further, the report stated that Albert would not only visit the Dolphins facility, but also take a physical.

KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid takes issue with that.

Let's break this down. Reid has three options here when asked about it: 1.) deny it 2.) confirm it or 3.) no comment.

If he confirms it is true, then Reid puts himself in a tough spot. What if the trade doesn't go down and then Albert has to come back to a team that just admitted they were trying to trade him? Also, if he confirms they're on the verge of trading Albert they would seemingly lose some leverage if there are still points to be negotiated (like, say, Miami's 42nd pick vs. the 54th pick).

If Reid no comments it, people are going to continue to speculate and believe it could happen. With rumors like this, a no comment is treated as a confirmation in the court of public opinion.

If Reid denies it, which he did, he leaves his options open. Reid has to say things that leave open the possibility of Albert coming back to Kansas City because, well, it is still a possibility.

There's also the possibility that the initial reports were wrong, Reid is telling the truth and the discussions aren't as far along as we thought. A head coach telling the truth?! It's possible.

What do you think is going on right now? What's the truth?

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